KozySZN Saga Continues! tjonez [the producer.] x FNF Kenno Drops ‘KozySZN Vol. 1.5’

Listen up! It’s time to upgrade your boring playlists and place these series of tracks to update your list! Released last January 26th, 2024 – tjonez [the producer.] x FNF Kenno is back with their latest drops on their “KozySZN” saga with “KozySZN Vol. 1.5“. It is an ultimate banger: crafted by two talented individuals who joined forces to create this bop of an album, all cheers for the producer, tjonez, and vocalist/rapper, FNF Kenno. This collaboration presents a new authentic musicality and a highly promising collaboration from both artists.

First off, the lyrics. Writing lyrics is one thing, putting a melody on it is another, but creating perfect measure while preserving its meaning is a whole lot different level of artistry. The lyrics of their song were written with intention, aimed to tell stories about their personal experience which connects directly to the listeners. Then, there’s the rap. I cannot stress this enough, but the delivery and the way the lines were flowing is sure-fire!!! This is a clear manifestation that these artists possess both the technical skills and talent so raw to craft all these fiery verses.


Now, with the vocals? Smooth and clean! It complements perfectly with how the instruments were being used in the tracks. And speaking of production, need I say more? It is well polished and clean, yet it possesses its unique musicality which makes this whole release different from their other crafts. Each song has a different vibe, offering a variant of experience while staying authentic to the overall aesthetic of this album.

It’s easy for me to imagine the overall vibe of this album. It feels like I’m watching a Fast & Furious movie with these tracks as the official soundtrack for the entire franchise. Big, right? That’s exactly how I picture it. Songs like “Michelin $tars” and “No Komplaints” capture that vibe. Needless to say, they’re absolute bangers! You can practically hear them playing during a scene where Dom is tinkering with his iconic big-boy cars. Well, that’s me. Check it out and see it for yourself!


But don’t be fooled by all these cool and chill vibes. This release is carefully crafted and each track offers a different kind of musical experience. From the “sexy chill” of the song “PLT“, “DayDreamin,” and “Double Dutch” to the in-depth realism of “Still Kozy“, the artist will take you on a whole lot of surprisingly smooth journeys.

It’s a hard choice to make, but my top pick for the most stand out is “Rollin Dice“. Its clean raps and sick beats are a powerful combination that perfectly captures the “do or die” spirit. And the carefully measured lyrics that translate into a great flow of rap throughout the track is an absolute poetry.

KozySZN Vol. 1.5 is an album created with so much finesse by tjonez [the producer.] x FNF Kenno – crafted with the blend of a unique chill vibe, great lyrics, and catchy beats, it’s definitely worth checking out! Even though its overall vibe is cool and chill, you can feel the energy and passion that was poured into the making of each song, making it impossible to keep your head from bopping. So, stay kozy and check ’em out and stream these bops on Spotify!

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