Heart Bus Desires EP: A Valentine Treat from Du Malai

Get ready to dance and groove this Valentine’s as Du Malai, a rising artist known for his authentic musicality, invades the airwaves with this EP entitled ‘Heart Bus Desires.’ Following the release of ‘Heart Bus Despair’, this upcoming album offers a different but no less than amazing craft from Du Malai himself. Scheduled for official release this February 14, it is a treat for every listener out there!

Heart Bus Desires explores different aspects of love. From being hopeful after a heartbreak to yearning for certain someone, to a journey of personal discovery, this EP captures it all. This EP is also packed with club-ready tracks that will definitely make you groove and sway!


Starting strong with “Into Me,” where the artist struggles with unrequited feelings toward someone. This song is groovy and ohh-so-club-like-danceble. It is the kind of song that will keep your head occupied for days (Of course, in the best way possible!). Added to this bop track is its catchy chorus that builds up the rhythm and the story, “In my fantasy, you were, you were into me. In my fantasy I was into you, are you into me?“. It reflects an internal battle, about whether their desires are in line with the reality.

Next up – “We Were Vibing”. This track is taking a different turn. This one explores the aftermath of a breakup. This may have been the case, but you can feel the fire flow through the lines of this track as it is packed with sick beats and free-flowing lines that keep the energy high. The line “I’ve heard you’ve moved on, now I can’t go on,” particularly runs close to many listeners. This song also has a unique surprise as Du Malai uses his language in its catchy chorus making it more authentic than no other.

Here’s a fiery one – Feeling Hard! This track is packed with clean raps and powerful beats. It is an absolute banger with sick beats that will keep your head bopping. The flow is fire. And as its lyrics go, this one goes really hard!


Headlining this EP is its title track, “Heart Bus Desire,”. This one is an absolute banger! Vocals? On point. Beats? DIRTY (But clean. *LOVED THAT*), and the LYRICS? HONEST AND INTENSE! This song acknowledges the possibility of self-inflicted hardship and suffering and the need to take off from unhealthy relationships. The lines, “I need to change my destination, instead of seeking validation.”, and “My heart can’t take on the pain of being with you.”, center on them questioning their own worth as they go on with the connection with their significant other.

Am I hearing this right? Desires Diary is the combined goodness of all tracks in this EP. While every song in this release offers a different vibe that makes it unique, Desires Diary’s listening experience feels like playing and vibing a different track but still having that familiarity together. This song offers a glimpse of hope. It has a positive message and the track’s smooth flow suggests a different view. This one sounds confident with a pinch of vulnerability for all good reasons.

And now, for my top fave – “Groove“. This song is an absolute sunshine that radiates positivity with its feel-good lyrics and great vocals. This is a kind of music that you will listen to as you go on and enjoy the warmth of the sun on a beach with your partner. This track is very catchy and so easy to listen to.

Overall, “Heart Bus Desires” is a unique listening experience. The way the story of each song was told was so relatable making it so easy to listen to. It is an absolute breath of fresh air. This EP shows Du Malai’s passion for his craft, and his artistry shines through in every song. The unique combination of catchy melodies, blends of groovy and danceable beats, and relatable lyrics makes it impossible for the listener to not move and be moved which is truly impressive. Get dancing with Du Malai. Check out this EP and his other crafts on Spotify!

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