Looking for a great surprise? SEER SEEKER, a rising star in the field of hip-hop, drops his album TO THE CORE”. This latest release suggests a unique listening experience as it showcases the artist’s exceptional musicality that refuses to settle for something that is ordinary.

To check deeper on this album, TO THE CORE consists of 8 tracks that were carefully crafted by the artist. Starting up with the track “Starlight”, it is calm and provides a nice build-up for the music that this album carries. It is a great introduction to what is yet to come. The next track is entitled, “Dirt to Dust”, this track is one of those that can rile you up. It possesses clean raps and beats that tells a story about the transformation of someone from being kicked down and then rising up. It also tackles a story of never knowing who you should trust and at the same time, going on through life even though the world below is literally on fire.


“Chase Gold Stay Gold” on the other hand is packed with SEER SEEKER’s signature easy to remember beats and tunes that can surely make your head bop. The rap is also on fleek! It also uses words and rhythms in a clever way that goes along perfectly with the whole track. For some reason, I keep on thinking how and why this track is so familiar to me. Maybe some parts of this song were used in some big songs that I couldn’t pinpoint.

The song, “Gone Too Long”, it comes with a surprise as vocals invade your ears in its intro. It plays heavily on the synth sound and beats which makes the song hitched with intensity. This whole song can make your head bop your head as you go along listening to it while feeling your skin prickle because of its electrifying lyrics. Not gonna lie, I got goosebumps from my first listen. The pause was also clever to build up the song to its last chorus! Not only that it highlight the artists’ clear skills in rapping, but it also added the dramatic effect of the track.

Next up is the song entitled, “Light It Up”, the main track of this album. This track bears great potential to become a hit! It is packed with strong bass lines that hitch up the intensity and power of the track. It is a song about resilience; It has easy-to-remember music that is highlighted through its modern sounds, clean drops, and a good combination of great hip-hop and modern synths! I swear, this one can go big time with this type of production. Its quality is top-notch.


Speaking of top-notch quality the tracks, “All The Way”, “Animal Spirits” and “Found it” do not go below that bar. With the undertones and influence of the band Linkin’ Park, these tracks are packed with contemporary qualities that are a sure hit for the listeners. It is modern yet with the familiarity of old school music that the band’s influence provides.

Here’s some personal take: One thing that I like about this album is that the build-up for each song is cleverly used. You get the hype that you deserve at the end of the song. Ever listened to a piece of music where after the build-up you were left hanging? Well, in this album, you will achieve the satisfaction that you deserve as a listener. I also think that some tracks in this album could pass up as great demos could be a tremendous hit!

Don’t miss out on this epic release! Check out SEER SEEKER and his music! Check out “TO THE CORE”! Streaming on all platforms! Ciao!

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