Neon Funeral Released A Genre-Bending EP ‘Banned From the Goth Club’


Neon Funeral has just dropped a new EP, “Banned From the Goth Club,” and it’s a wild ride from start to finish. This Jersey City crew has been cooking up some seriously unique tunes, blending Darkwave vibes with hardcore energy, and they’re not holding back.


Their journey to this EP began with a cover song and an original track released through Cleopatra Records. Feeling the urge to create a solid body of work, they hit the studio again to cook up two more tracks, birthing this four-piece collection that’s as diverse as it gets.

Let’s dive into the tracks. “Avolition” kicks off the EP, hitting hard with a dance-friendly beat that hooks you in, and those melodies? Absolutely killer. Then comes “High Tech Low Life,” starting slow and moody before blasting into a high-octane mix of electronic sounds and intense metal-style vocals. “A Void” takes a deep dive into some heavy themes—think nihilism and societal pressures. And just when you think you’ve got them figured out, they throw in an ’80s cover, “Party All the Time,” adding a retro twist.

Now, why “Banned From the Goth Club”? Well, these guys have a sound that’s a bit hard to pin down. It’s like they’re straddling the line between hardcore and softer, dance-driven tunes, making it tricky to fit neatly into any one scene. They played at a goth venue once and, well, it felt a bit like showing up to a party in the wrong outfit. So, they decided to embrace the irony, and the EP’s title was born.


November 8, 2023, was the big release day for this EP. One of their tracks, “Avolition,” got a music video shot in a vintage arcade. The owner loved the song, gave them the green light, and boom—the video captures Neon Funeral’s vibe in a nutshell.

Neon Funeral isn’t interested in playing by the rules or sticking to one genre. They’re all about pushing boundaries and creating something that’s uniquely theirs. “Banned From the Goth Club” is their manifesto—a celebration of musical freedom where intensity meets dance beats, and where raw creativity thrives.

From the heart-pounding beats to those electrifying vocals, every track feels like a thrilling ride. Neon Funeral isn’t just making music; they’re offering you a ticket to their world, where they’re shaking up the music scene and inviting you along for the adventure. This EP shouts out, “We’re here, doing music our way.”

Neon Funeral’s “Banned From the Goth Club” EP is a bold statement, showing they’re not afraid to mix things up, blend genres, and create their unique vibe. So, grab your headphones and step into their universe—it’s a musical journey you won’t want to miss!

Banned From the Goth Club Track List
High Tech Low Life
A Void
Party All the Time

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