LongRoad’s Comeback Story: New Album ‘Faith in Greater Things?


After a hiatus, LongRoad reunites, presenting their second studio album, “Faith in Greater Things?”. The band had a bit of a break, but they’re back together and ready to rock your world once again. Massive shout-out to Barrett Jones, the wizard behind the curtain, for his multi-platinum production work on Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Foo Fighters, now lending his magic touch to LongRoad’s latest masterpiece.


So, who are these guys? LongRoad. Picture three lifelong pals from Rutherford, New Jersey, joining forces with vocalist Ted Ames from the cozy town of Coventry, Vermont. Fate brought them together at the Knitting Factory in NYC, where they discovered their shared love for music and decided to make beautiful noise together.

Their debut, “This Too Shall Pass,” was released in July 2006, rocked the airwaves on 140+ college stations, and even hit the playlists of big commercial rock stations like 105.5 WDHA. They’ve had some incredible gigs too, opening for Candlebox, Buckcherry, and Cracker. Now, with “Faith in Greater Things?” they’re poised to make an even bigger splash.

The album kicks off with ‘New Song,’ a heartfelt anthem celebrating their reunion. It’s got that undeniable Pearl Jam vibe, a rejuvenation of their musical bond, and a killer guitar solo that leaves you craving more.

‘Breathe’ is a heart-wrenching plea for more time, grappling with the fear of moments slipping away. Then comes ‘Inspire’—a foot-stomping, folk-inspired gem. You can almost imagine Ted Ames leading a crowd in a thunderous chorus. ‘Fade Away’ might sound like a sad song at first, but the energetic vocals and Jeff Buckley-esque guitar lines add an unexpected twist. Upon deeper listening, you sense it’s more than just a love song—it’s an ode to the band’s unity.


‘Crash’ is another high-energy rock number with a guitar solo that’s an absolute showstopper. The stripped-back chorus builds beautifully, showcasing their harmonies and ending with a bang. ‘Free’ delivers classic rock vibes, complete with epic guitar distortion. While the lyrics could explore more diverse themes, the songs check all the boxes for a good ol’ time.

‘Live With Me’ dives into the transformative power of love, moving from a life of uncertainty to promising everything to a partner, but asks them to ‘forget everything, don’t worry about anything / I’m gonna make you sing’. ‘Why’ takes a reflective turn, exploring the complexities of relationships and the pain of misunderstandings. Finally, ‘Helping Hand’ swoops in as a rock anthem, quickly becoming a personal favorite. The powerful chords lead to a hopeful conclusion, reminding us that life is indeed beautiful.

The road to this second album might have been long, but there’s a newfound sense of maturity and contentment in their music. They’ve grown, explored other passions, and returned without the desperation that often accompanies youthful ambition.

LongRoad‘s website will soon reveal the tour dates for 2024—an eagerly anticipated announcement given that their debut surfaced back in 2006. It’s quite enchanting to witness their journey unfold! While the road leading to their second album may have felt extensive, there’s an undeniable vibe that these band members truly relish playing together. They’ve taken breaks, and explored family life and other interests, and now, upon their return, there’s a sense of ease and passion. It’s a beautiful chapter in LongRoad’s story, marking a milestone that’s been worth every note and every moment.

Faith in Greater Things? Track List
New Song
Shadows In The Starlight
Fade Away
Have To Hold
Live With Me
Helping Hand

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