The Dwarves’ ‘Concept Album: Raw, Reckless, and Relentless

The Dwarves are back with a bang, and boy, does their new album pack a punch! Titled “Concept Album,” it’s a tribute to their tried-and-tested style, with the artwork teasing the same signature vibe they’ve rocked since the ’90s. It’s a hefty 20-track lineup, each bursting with that classic Turbonegro flair. From tunes like “Feeling Great” to “Terrorist of Love,” “Everybody Squirts,” “Roxette,” “Voodoo,” “Stabbed My Dad,” “Dead To Me,” and a lot more, there’s no shortage of in-your-face tracks here!

“Feeling Great” kicks off with a catchy melody that feels like it’s straight out of a high school montage scene. The lyrics, though, they’re classic Dwarves—raw, real, and a little out there. They’ve got that edgy signature vibe that keeps you hooked. It’s easily one of our favorites from this bunch.


Moving on to “Voodoo,” it’s your classic punk rock with a killer riff that feels like a fresh twist on some Motörhead vibes. And hey, they just dropped a rad music video for this track on YouTube. It’s the kind of tune that makes you want to slam and groove at the same time—irresistible!

Now, “Terrorist of Love” hits differently. As we dive deeper into this album, each track just keeps getting better. This one’s on fire with its clean rhythm and punk-driven vocals. These guys are definitely keeping that vibrant punk scene alive and kicking. “Roxette,” another track with its own music video, continues that distinct Dwarves theme—this time, a bit of a nod to cannibalism. It’s impressive how they maintain that catchy vibe while exploring such bold themes.

Then there’s “Do It All The Time,” bringing in some heavier vibes without going full-on hard. The lyrics pack a punch with lines like, “I’m getting high, I do It All The Time.” It’s killer and stays stuck in your head for days.

There’s a bunch more awesome tracks in this new album that are total hits. And hey, what I just mentioned is just the tip of the iceberg. But seriously, don’t miss out on this release from the Dwarves—it’s an absolute gem waiting for your ears to devour!

If you’re new to The Dwarves, expect a punk rock flavor from these American legends who kicked off in Chicago and are now rooted in San Fran. Their music has a melodic edge—nothing too hardcore, mind you. This album is a rollercoaster of variety, offering up a smorgasbord of vocals and instruments. 

In an interview with Scene Point Blank, Blag shared: We have managed to make a pretty consistent sound and have evolved a lot as we make a lot of different styles of music on record, but live it’s pretty much what you see is what you get, so stuff from all the different records works — we just do our more our hardcore, up-tempo stuff live.


Let’s meet the squad: Blag the Ripper, HeWhoCannotBeNamed (yeah, that’s an actual name!), Rex Everything, The Fresh Prince of Darkness, and Snupac—quite the motley crew, right? They started out as Suburban Nightmare, dishing out garage punk vibes in Chicago before diving headfirst into hardcore beats and eventually landing on an eclectic punk rock sound that’s all about jaw-dropping lyrics. They’re hailed as punk rock purists in today’s music scene.

Their journey goes way back to the mid-’80s when they jammed as teens in Chicago, creating garage rock under the name Suburban Nightmare. You can relive those glory days on “Lick It (the psychedelic years 83-86),” a 34-track gem released by Recess Records in ’99. Those were the days when they were compared to The Sonics and were part of the Paisley Underground scene.

Now, get ready for some wild tales. These rockers are infamous for their on-stage antics—self-mutilation, on-stage intimacy, and a penchant for hard substances. Their gigs were adrenaline-fueled but short-lived, sometimes wrapping up early due to injuries from the hyped-up crowd. Their sound evolved with their second LP, “Toolin’ for a Warm Teabag,” clocking in at a whopping nine minutes and steering towards a more aggressive punk rock vibe.

In 2004, they released “The Dwarves Must Die” under the indie label Sympathy for the Record Industry, boasting appearances from bigwigs like Dexter Holland (The Offspring), Nick Oliveri (Queens of the Stone Age), Nash Kato (Urge Overkill), and even the iconic voice actor Gary Owens. But the drama didn’t stop there—Dahlia had an altercation with Josh Homme from QOTSA before a show in LA, landing Homme on probation for three years.

That’s The Dwarves for you—punk rockers who’ve carved their path through the music scene with unapologetic tunes and a rollercoaster of wild stories. The latest album “Concept Album” stands as a tribute to their distinct style, showcasing an evolution that honors their origins.

Concept Album Tracklist:
Blast On
Feeling Great
Terrorist Of Love
Ages Of Ago
Dead To Me
Do It All The Time
Nobody And Me
Everybody Squirts
Kill Or Be Killed
You Lose We Win
Come Unglued
We Will Dare
Ain’t Playin’
Stabbed My Dad
All For You

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