Greensboro, NC Based Rock Band ‘Crushing Quiet’ Released “Paranoid Dream”

Paranoid Dream, the latest album from Crushing Quiet, hit the shelves on November 17, 2023 under Burnt Bridge Collective, and boy, does it pack a punch! The band’s name itself hints at their mission—to blast their passion for music out loud, breaking the silence that’s held it back.

“This being our swan song album”, the band shared (we sure hope not), “we wanted to go off with a bang.” You can feel each band member’s influence shining through in this eclectic mix. They went from jamming in a storage unit to recording in a cozy cabin in Sylva, NC. The album is a nostalgic trip meant to inspire and connect with listeners. Crushing Quiet, a trio from Greensboro, NC, put their hearts into this one.


“Memory Card” is like that first sip of coffee in the morning—it hits you just right. It kicks off with a country-style guitar riff that’s oh-so-catchy, soothing as a cool breeze on a hot day. The vocals are smooth, and the lyrics are on point. And hey, who doesn’t love a tambourine in the mix? It really adds that extra oomph.

Then there’s “Circle.” Imagine a melancholic start with a piano playing a tune that feels like a warm embrace. The slow drumbeat blends perfectly with the guitar and those captivating vocals. It’s a melody that catches you, with lyrics that feel like they’re written just for you. And that guitar solo after the chorus? Pure magic.

“Fields” brings in that funky rock groove that grows on you like your favorite sweater. The guitar riff and bass groove—irresistible. But the real charm? That bridge where each instrument gets its moment to shine. Now, “You and Me,” it’s that groovy track that screams “road trip” vibes. Picture yourself in the backseat, windows down, wind in your hair—it’s that kind of song.


“Let’s Stop” has an intriguing intro that reels you in. The Red Hot Chili Peppers vibes are strong here, and the guitar work is top-notch. The solo? Mind-blowing.

Finally, “Dreamcaster” steals the show. The opening hooks you instantly, and the track rocks hard. What’s unique is the smoothness of the vocals. It’s rock music, but not as you know it. This song truly defines the Crushing Quiet signature, although don’t box them in, they’ve got a diverse musical palette.

All in all, this album’s a treasure trove of musical wonders. 

Trust me, missing out on this release from Crushing Quiet would be a crime!

Paranoid DreamTrack List
Memory Card
You and Me
Let’s Stop
Dream Caster

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