Exploring Dreamy Journey of Graffiti Welfare’s New Album ‘Revolving Shores’


Imagine stepping into a musical universe where alt-psych-pop meets an introspective journey; that’s exactly where this album takes you.


Graffiti Welfare is an ongoing project from George Lattimore of Denver, Colorado, who created this album as a personal project that’s packed with tracks like “Volume,” “Just Follow,” and “Deja Blue.” He brewed this cosmic concoction right at home, calling it a “cosmic washing machine of pop nostalgia for the wandering soul.” Pretty poetic, huh?

Now, this album isn’t your regular music; it’s like a trip through time and space. It’s like floating in a daydream and getting carried away on a whimsical adventure. The tracks wash over you like waves, gently easing you into this musical universe.

Graffiti Welfare’s project feels like an artist’s canvas where he paints his introspective thoughts using a cosmic blend of genres. Imagine a homegrown creation; yes, this entire masterpiece was brewed, mixed, and recorded in the comfort of his home. And trust me, listening to it, you’ll feel like you’re on a fairytale whirlwind of emotions, drifting in and out of daydreams.

“Revolving Shores evolved from watching my childhood fade into the unknown as grandparents and friends passed away while I was coping with coming-of-age anxiety. By day, I was trying to finish my thesis and escape the clutches of graduate school with my sanity intact.”

“By night, I wanted to make sense of everything by creating something sincere, unique and tangible. Each track represents a lucid perspective that builds from the last, guiding a quiet meditation towards the unknown and back into waking life. Rinse, float, repeat – cause who knows where you will wake up next?”

The album opens with “To Be It,” a minimalistic melodic score that feels like a scene from a neo-classic cinematic experience. It’s like the first step into a dreamy world where reality blurs with imagination. Then comes “Just Follow,” a track that perfectly captures the essence of losing direction and finding your path. It’s an introspective narration, painting a vivid picture of inner turmoil set to a mesmerizing sound that blends psych sensibilities and cosmic synths.


“Deja Blue” dives into moments of déjà vu, making you question reality in a dreamy piano-driven soundscape. It offers a more melancholic feel. It’s like questioning reality, wondering if it’s a memory or just a dream. This track introduces piano elements, creating an uplifting soundscape that feels almost cinematic.

And hold up, “Good News” takes a slight detour, flirting with elements of coldwave EDM, while “Synesthesia” dives deep into indie post-punk territory. Both tracks add distinct flavors to the album, showcasing Graffiti Welfare’s range and versatility.

Then arrives the closing single, “SeaShell,” an entrancing piece that leaves an indelible mark on your senses. It’s the perfect conclusion to this audio escapade, like the final brushstroke on a masterpiece.

But let’s not forget the centerpiece, “Nothing Ever Changes.” This track is an expedition that melds psychedelic rock and electronic music. It starts with the gentle patter of raindrops, setting a contemplative tone, and then seamlessly transitions into a mesmerizing fusion of synths, beats, and electrifying guitar.

Graffiti Welfare draws from an eclectic mix of influences—think Beach Boys, Animal Collective, Tame Impala, Brian Eno, Miles Davis, and Radiohead. You can sense these diverse inspirations shaping the album’s sound and sensibilities, adding layers of complexity to each track.

So, if you’re up for an introspective musical journey that blurs the lines between reality and imagination, “Revolving Shores” is a must-listen.

Revolving Shores Track List
To Be It
Just Follow
Good News
Echoes of Our Sound
Nothing Ever Changes
Missing the War

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