Breaking the Silence: Waxweed’s Debut Album ‘Anxiety Brain’


Tacoma, Washington might just have birthed a sound that’s ready to rumble through your eardrums – it’s the debut album, “Anxiety Brain,” from the sonic architects known as Waxweed. These guys cooked this project up right in the furnace of the pandemic, brewing together themes about mental health, the tangled web of drug addiction, and the looming specter of climate collapse. But hold on to your headphones; this isn’t background music, folks. Waxweed’s here to be cranked up to 11.


What’s on the menu, you ask? Picture this: loud guitars making out with heavy rock, throwing in a little metal and darkwave for good measure. It’s a recipe for a head-banging, soul-shaking experience. This 7-track album dropped on October 6, 2023, and trust me, it’s not for the faint-hearted – this one’s meant to be blasted!

Every tune, every lyric was brewed in the creative cauldron of Kirk Steadman’s mind, supported by drummer Alex Lenkeit. The duo weaves a series of sounds that’s as thunderous as it is emotionally charged. Prior to this album’s release, Waxweed released their debut single, “The Undoing,” in August 2023 which subsequently found its place on this record.


Take the lead track, “Anxiety Brain.” It’s a raw, heartfelt shout-out against the grip of anxiety and depression. The rhythm might sway at a slow tempo, but the weight it carries is unmistakable—a signature mark of Waxweed’s musical ethos.

Then there’s “Pigeon.” Picture an ominous guitar intro setting the stage for a brooding, darker vibe. Sure, the audio might come off a tad inaudible, but that doesn’t hinder the raw emotions pouring through the song’s delivery.

Here’s the kicker—this band’s got personality. With no social media presence, their charisma solely shines through their music. It’s evident that Waxweed is driven solely by their passion for sharing their artistry, no frills attached.

So, while they might not be on your Insta feed or tweeting about their latest gig, Waxweed is here to make noise where it matters—in the form of raw, unfiltered musical expression.

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