IAMTHELIVING’s New EP: Nebra Sky Part 1


Hailing from Peckham in South London, IAMTHELIVING’s love affair with music ignited practically since he was little. Imagine this: IAMTHELIVING, a little tot of three, tearing up the dance floor at a wedding. His mom practically had to drag him away from grooving to the beats. From that moment, he knew his life was about music. Inspired by the one and only Michael Jackson, this dude was penning tracks when other kids were still figuring out their ABCs.


By 15, he’s shaking up the music scene as a professional dancer, shimmying his way into songwriting sessions across London and LA. After setting up camp in Vancouver, IAMTHELIVING bursts into the scene in 2019 with the In This Thing Called Life EP. It snagged him a JUNO Award nomination and mad respect in the Canadian music industry.

“It’s important how we describe ourselves, and IAMTHELIVING goes with my lifestyle, energy, and positivity,” the artist shares. “Life is here to be enjoyed and embraced because we never know when our time is up. Music enables me to tap into the frequencies of life and love. IAMTHELIVING is who I am.”

Fast-forwarding to 2023, IAMTHELIVING lands a pivotal deal with Nettwerk Music Group, unleashing Nebra Sky Part 1, a musical odyssey that’s nothing short of a narrative.

“Nebra Sky all comes from my mind and creativity. This is the music inside of me. It comes from my spirit and my soul. It’s a reintroduction.”

Kicking off with “Can’t Be Replaced,” the track immediately engulfs you in acoustic guitar vibes and a rhythm that’s utterly infectious. IAMTHELIVING delves into the realm of self-doubt, compelling listeners to recognize their own irreplaceable uniqueness. It’s a potent, relatable vibe.


Following suit, “Calloused Heart” serenades with heavenly strings, building up to a poignant chorus echoing a plea for emotional softening. The song dives into the scars left by past experiences, ultimately exploring the transformative power of genuine love. It’s a soulful journey of healing.

Make It Home Alive,” featuring Jake Isaac, stands as an anthem of resilience. It’s a poignant reminder that despite life’s adversities, the guidance of higher forces and the resilience of one’s spirit propel us forward, navigating the maze of existence.

“Rockin’ London City” exudes funky vibes, IAMTHELIVING’s vocals soaring to celestial heights, paying homage to the city that molded his artistic essence. “Love So Divine” serves as an unequivocal declaration of profound affection. IAMTHELIVING pours his heart into this anthem, encapsulating the steadfastness of true love.

And culminating the EP is “Superhero,” a heartfelt dedication to his mother, Jennifer Brown. She, a single mother of three, served as his pillar of strength, showering unconditional love while imparting invaluable life lessons. It’s a touching tribute to her unwavering support and enduring guidance.

IAMTHELIVING’s music transcends mere auditory pleasure; it’s an immersive experience. With melodies that speak volumes, he invites you on a journey, pulling you out of the shadows and into his realm of musical wonder.

Nebra Sky Part 1 Track List
Can’t Be Replaced
Calloused HEart
Make It Home Alive
Rockin’ London City
Love So Divine


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