Vibes from the District: DeUce Double’s ‘Bammas Pretend’ Album

Ever wanted to peek into the heart of Washington, DC’s real culture? DeUce Double‘s got your back with his latest album, “Bammas Pretend,” dropped last July, packing eight tracks filled with the authentic essence of the DMV.

DeUce Double‘s got this street rap game down to an art form—a secret sauce that even the most skilled hip-hoppers can’t quite replicate. He’s the captain of this ship, but every now and then, he graciously hands the spotlight to a guest, just to keep things spicy.


This artist’s journey is quite the rollercoaster. From his Edu-Basics series selling over 500k units to being featured across MSNBC, NPR, and even making a splash in Black Enterprise Magazine and The Washington Post, DeUce Double’s hustle is undeniable. And now, with this album, he’s bringing raw rap energy, a touch of singing finesse, and a sprinkle of underground experimentation to the table.

Let’s take a ride through some of the album’s tracks, shall we? “Double Digits (Solo Version)” kicks us off with an infectious beat and Deuce’s unbeatable rap skills. The lyrics? Pure fire. Prepare for some serious head-nodding.

Then comes the eponymous track, “Bammas Pretend.” The beat’s on fire, and DeUce brings that unique delivery, killer flow, and standout verses. It’s street rap at its finest, with an extra edge. “Got That Fire” swings in with a sultry, groovy vibe. The beats? Crazy-sexy-cool. This track’s got fire rhymes, a smooth flow, and a bold move as DeUce shares the stage with Oogie Leo.

But hey, I won’t spoil the whole feast for you. Dive into it yourself. Trust me, these tracks might just wiggle their way into your playlist. They’ve earned that spot.


The pieces fit together seamlessly, and there’s no denying this album’s sheer fun for any hip hop enthusiast. DeUce Double’s Bammas Pretend paints the town with the true colors of DMV’s vibe—a captivating ride you won’t want to miss!

DeUce’s knack for street rap shines through, crafting tracks that blend fire beats, killer flow, and a dash of experimental flair. Each song is a testament to his versatile talent, from the head-bopping rhythms of “Double Digits (Solo Version)” to the sultry grooves of “Got That Fire.”

So, hip-hop fans, if you’re on the hunt for an album that’s as authentic as it gets, Bammas Pretend deserves a spot on your playlist.

Bammas Pretend Track List

Double Digits – Solo Version
Feedback (Ell Pollo RICO Charge) Hot Version
Bammas Pretend
Got That Fire
BOSS Talk (Hot Ice)
Time Is Money
Double Digits – Southeast Version
Bammas Pretend – Northwest Version

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