3aly Drops His Tantalizing Third Album: ‘Funny Thoughts’

Washington’s hip-hop wizard, Ealy Payne, a.k.a. 3aly, just threw another musical bomb our way – “Funny Thoughts.” It starts with giggles, two kids messing around, and ends up diving into the shadowy abyss of their minds. Now, 3aly’s not new to this game. With hits like “Long Lasting,” “Wonder Bread,” and the EP “Call Me The Villain” under his belt, he’s back to sprinkle some musical magic.

The madness kicks off with “Third Aye of Swizz” – a skit that’s like the appetizer before the feast. It sets the vibe for what’s coming. Then, boom! “Super Greens” hits you, and you’re wondering if it’s a skit or the real deal. Spoiler: it’s the real deal. Swizz joins the party, and together they drop sick flows that’ll have you nodding like you just discovered a new musical vibe. Together they cook up sick flows and production that’s a straight-up masterpiece. Oh yeah, let’s not forget the production – it’s like a gourmet chef went wild in the studio.


Smartass” slides in with that lofi vibe, and just when you’re getting cozy, it slaps you with beats and rap that have more angst than your teenage diary. Josh Lee jumps in for a cameo, adding that extra spice. “Black Civic Energy” keeps the fire burning with lyrics that hit harder than a plot twist in your favorite show.


Now, let’s zoom in on “Lost.” It’s that slow jam with a beat so smooth it’s practically criminal.
Picture a slow burner with a beat that’s so good, you’d trade your grandma’s secret chili recipe for it. It’s all about feeling lost and wandering in the dark corners of life. The kicker? It perfectly aligns with the album’s theme of “Funny Thoughts,” serving you darkness with a side of irony. The jokes on you, life!

But hold up, we’re not spilling all the beans. There are 12 tracks waiting for you to hit play, and trust me, they’re the missing pieces your playlist didn’t know it needed. Consider this your backstage pass to the 3aly show – it’s wild, it’s witty, pure musical genius, and one helluva ride!

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