Darkly Poetic Beats: Lord Bean’s Second Album ‘Scars

Alright, let’s talk about Halloween vibes in the world of hip-hop, because Lord Bean just dropped “Scars” before Halloween, and it’s like a haunted house party in your headphones. Picture this—a mix of BONES, Linkin Park, and Beastie Boys got together, had a cosmic jam session, and out popped this album, blending darkness and light in a way that hits you right in the hip-hop feels.

Now, this ain’t Lord Bean’s rookie ride; remember “Skinwalker” from September 2022? Yeah, that was the warm-up act. Fast forward to “Scars,” his sophomore release, and boy, is it leaving an impression! Lord Bean is a one-man powerhouse—a digital creator, musician, and producer all wrapped up in a single talented individual.


Let’s break down the tracks. “Macbeth” starts off with an ominous vibe that sets the stage, and then bam! The beat kicks in, fitting Lord Bean’s album theme like a glove. It’s a rap song, and let me tell you, he’s slaying every verse and flow. Talk about starting an album on a killer note!

“FMJ” has a beat so cool it could ice-skate on lava. Throw in those metal-style screaming vocals in the verses, and you’ve got yourself a head-bobbing, hype-inducing anthem. The heart of this song lies in its backstory. FMJ was written by Lord Bean as a tribute to honor the victims of the Columbine shooting and shed light on the issue of teen bullying. Talk about dropping beats with a powerful message!

 “Carbonemys” hits you in 58 seconds flat, but trust me, it’s an inferno of sound. Vocal screams at the end? They’re like the cherry on top of a fire sundae. Smooth verses and fire flows? Yeah, this track’s bringing the heat.

“Hoplite” switches gears with low-tuned vocals that’ll make your hips sway like they’ve got a mind of their own. The beat production? It’s like a high-quality sound feast you won’t wanna miss.


Now, “Backwoods” hits hard with fast raps and a vibe that screams angst and gangster swag. It’s like a shot of adrenaline straight to your hip-hop soul.

But hold up—here comes “Scars,” the title track. Slow beat, smooth chorus vocals, and verses that’ll set your mind on fire. And those lyrics? “You love me, I killed you.” Talk about deep, right?

Closing the curtain with “Till Next Time,” Lord Bean leaves us hanging with an epic beat, leaving us hungry for more from this musical genius. Consider us officially intrigued!

“Scars” by Lord Bean is a gritty, poetic journey through the shadows and light of hip-hop. It leaves you vibing and pondering life’s dualities. Cheers to Lord Bean for crafting an album that’s equal parts haunting and captivating—perfect for a spooky Halloween or any mood that craves depth in its beats.

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