Spanish Artist ‘Al Ex’ Released His Debut Album “All Of The Above”


Al Ex is stepping into the limelight with a musical bang as his debut album, “All of the Above,” hits the airwaves on December 1st. This Spanish sensation brings together a whirlwind of genres—folk, electro-pop, rock, and funk—in a magical concoction that echoes the influences of Arcade Fire, Jeff Buckley, Twenty One Pilots, and Bruno Mars.


This album is a cosmic declaration, challenging musical norms and societal boxes. “All of the Above” is a wink and a cheeky rejection of conformity, like choosing every option in a multiple-choice test just for kicks.

Al Ex weaves tales. He penned all the tracks and brewed them in his home studio, later elevating the project with the wizardry of producers David Kano (Cycle) and Pablo del Fresno, alongside Spain’s musical A-team—David Bao, Abel del Fresno, Gabriel Casanova, and Ed is Dead.

Let’s groove our way into the beats! “Just the Start” is a fiery rock opener with vocals that scream rebellion. The bass and drums? They groove like it’s nobody’s business, and that electric guitar? It’s the backbone that’ll have you head-banging from the get-go and will have you tapping your foot involuntarily.

Up next is ‘Humans.’ Al Ex serves up acoustic guitar vibes smoother than your morning coffee. The lyrics? They hit you right in the human feels—‘We are saviours of nothing, too shy to be fun, lovers and haters, we are whole, we are one.’ It’s a cosmic wake-up call.


But hold onto your headphones! “When We Get Together” is the anthem that’s not just about partying but a metaphor for humanity’s rally against the apocalypse. This track packs electronic punches, urging us to unite as the ultimate solution.

But hey, we won’t spoil the entire album for you. This is just the tip of the musical iceberg! Al Ex’s “All of the Above” promises a plethora of tracks that weave spirituality, love, breakups, empowerment, and unity into a mesmerizing auditory journey.

Al Ex isn’t new to the game; he’s been shaking things up for over two decades, winning MTV contests, gracing The Voice Spain, and supporting causes through his music. And wait, there’s more! Al Ex is doubling the excitement with the upcoming debut album from his rock band, VLUE.

“All of the Above” is more than just an album—it’s a musical masterpiece. Join Al Ex as he weaves spirituality, love, breakups, empowerment, and unity into this auditory masterpiece. Don’t sleep on this—this is gonna be epic!

All of the Above Track List
Just The Start
Love Like The Sun
Seize The Moment
Shore & Tide
When We Get Together
The Rhythm
Whatever It Takes

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