Josh Orange Comes Back with Powerful Album “Birds for the Bayou”

Here they are, back with some new awesome music! Brace yourselves as Josh Orange, a folk-rock group based in Australia, is back with their newest album, “Birds for the Bayou.” Released this June 28th, this album is an awesome celebration for their 20th year in the industry, cementing their status symbol along the way. “Birds For The Bayou” is an album that you wouldn’t want to miss, as this project comprising 11 masterpieces will connect to you on a much deeper level, so you are surely in for a ride.

This album opens with the track “Birds For The Bayou.” It is packed with the band’s signature folk sound—drums and some calming guitars. The opening sounds of this track are a recording of an environment, specifically a bayou, a slow-moving creek, or a swampy section of a river or a lake, which induces calmness right before you get hit with the clear vocals of their lead vocalist, Gordon Burke. This track is well-written; the overall vibe evokes a feeling of nostalgia because of the production of the song, yet it also packs a certain pang of angst because of the message that it carries. This is a great song to listen to when you’re burdened with a lot of things going on with your life and you just want peace and quiet, like the freedom of the birds and the peace they get in the bayou.


Following strongly is the track “What Have We Become.” While this track also carries the band’s signature sound, this song is more on the upbeat side. This is a piece that looks into ourselves – it’s about introspection. This track will make you think – what have we become after getting lost? What have we become after life happened? This is a very relatable track that I surely think a lot of the audience will enjoy. This track is easily one of my favorite tracks in this collection. Speaking of favorites, here’s my top! The next featured track is definitely a love song (in my opinion). “Wide Awake” is a track that is dedicated to someone that you wanna ask to take a leap of faith and take chances in love with them. This song is like asking if a person would want to gamble with them in love. This production is honestly just top-notch. Goodness!

One of the things that is worthy of note for this album is its quality lyricism and messages. It carries you into a different world and will make you feel things throughout their songs, which proves the high-quality tracks in this album. One great example of this is the track “No Place Like Home.” It starts with a nice piano opening, which highlights the message that you take your experiences with you wherever you go, and those experiences are built up through your home, even if it’s good or bad. This song reminds me of the series Young Sheldon for some unknown reasons. Maybe I think this could pass as one of its soundtracks (SURE!). Also, this track is packed with great lines, and “This world is based on someone else’s facts” is my absolute favorite—powerful and real.


“Another Lost Soul” is also featured in this album, along with the tracks “Devil at the Backdoor,” “Waiting to Fall—Better Man,” and “Easy On Me.” This only proves the variety of music that this band could offer through the skills that they carry. “Candy Girl” is also a part of this collection. This is a track that is kind of an “I got you” song for everyone. This song depicts people rooting for the girl to succeed in life and get all the things that she deserves. This track is packed with all the hopes that they have for the Candy Girl, for they know she has seen it all.

“Rolling Over in the Dark,” on the other hand, is a surprising track because when the first chords of the track played, it kind of reminded me of the song “No Woman, No Cry” because of some similar chord progressions. Moreso, this track is a VIBE! While indeed this track carries this chill and good vibe because of its production, this song carries a certain heaviness because of the message that it carries. It is about some kind of heartbreak and how a person goes along to deal with it along the way. Lastly, the track “I Feel Alive—Kick It”. This is a way to end this whole package. This is an upbeat track that features some groovy production. This is indeed a track that will surely make you feel alive.

With “Birds for the Bayou,” Josh Orange definitely made a huge comeback. This collection is way too good! This definitely deserves your attention. Good production and great vocals are definitely some of its great factors, but there is some kind of great writing of messages and stories going on here. The lyrics capture the reality of life; with the good placement of instruments and great production, it has become this masterpiece of an album. I can’t stress this enough; this album is a must-listen! Don’t miss out on this release! Check out Josh Orange and follow them on their social media to learn more about this good artist! Moreover, don’t forget to check out “Birds for the Bayou,” now available on your favorite streaming platforms! Stream it now!

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