Nic Andrea & The Verdict Coming In Like A Wrecking Ball with New Album “A Night at the Wrecking Yard, Pt. 2”

This will literally blow off your roof! Nic Andrea and the Verdict are back with new awesome music! Released on June 1st, this 5-track collection of an album called “A Night at the Wrecking Yard, Pt. 2” is the band’s latest musical offering that is packed with their signature classic rock sound infused with a variety of fresh modern undertones. This album is refreshing and at the same time packed with nostalgic sounds that will surely evoke many feelings during your listen, so sit back and enjoy their music!

Opening strong for this album is the track “Pray for Them”—a worthy introduction for this whole project. This track is loaded with a feel-good vibe that is infused with the rock n roll sound that is the signature of this group. This also features a quirky clang of the classic sound of Western indie music and is packed with energy hidden through each line. With this prominent sound of a good combination of guitars and drums, this sure is a showcase of talent and creativity! A great way to start the whole listening journey throughout this album.


Next is the track “All That You Left of This Man.” Honest first reaction? This track is sexy. This somehow gives off that sultry and smooth vibe, like in the song Sexbomb by Tom Jones. This unique sound is full of male bravado—a very manly song from all these fine men. This is a refreshing sound from this band, and this is definitely irresistible, which will make you want to listen more!

“The Raven” is the track that has caught my attention. As a fan of Edgar Allan Poe, this track sure struck me with curiosity. The way this track was performed was unique to the band. It’s just so good and kind of addicting in a way. This track is in slow classic rock, which is loaded with irresistible rhythms and performed straightforwardly and stylishly by the vocalist. The vocals are crisp and clear, adding to the grungy effects of the track. Another track with the same style as this one is the song “It Will Rain Again,” which definitely showcased the band’s vast skill set—different genres are not a problem to them.


Lastly, the album closes with the instrumental track “Miserlou.” My honest first reaction was an exclamation of “PUMP IT!!!!”. I got excited after hearing a familiar jazzy tone. But somehow, this instrumental track is in a different style. This track is in rock and jazzy versions. It is packed with melodic instrumentation of guitar riffs and familiar twangs of drums with the smooth sound of aerophones. This track is my favorite in this album; it is instrumental goodness that y’all would surely enjoy.

A Night at the Wrecking Yard, Pt. 2 is an album that showcases the band’s growth over time. It is packed—with energy, with style, with a great message, and with good sound. This only shows how Nic Andrea and The Verdict have pushed their boundaries as artists in the making of this album. This album is a powerful one. While listening to these classic tracks, you will find yourself humming and headbanging while enjoying all their offerings. 

Nic Andrea and The Verdict are constantly evolving, and their innovations have resulted in something good, which is how this album was made. So, don’t miss out on this goodness! “A Night at the Wrecking Yard, Pt. 2” is now available on all your favorite streaming platforms! Check it out and follow Nic Andrea and The Verdict on their social media accounts to learn more about the band and their latest music! Stream “A Night at the Wrecking Yard, Pt. 2” now!

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