A New Album Obsession Brought By Sam Setton Through “8 Years New Tears”

We are obsessed! Sam Setton is back with his new album, “8 Years New Tears.” This project is a 10-track collection of Setton’s crafts, released on July 5th. This album is a satisfyingly unique listen packed with new emotions, good sound, and most of all, compelling messages hidden in each verse of each track. Each song delivers a clear statement that Sam Setton is set to make a powerful comeback in the music scene.

“8 Years New Tears” is a reflection of something deep for Setton. These tracks will both make you think and feel. This project not only expresses messages about love and loss, but at the same time, it strongly delivers a message of starting anew—about hoping to leave everything out and just live another life away from b*llsh*ts. These make this album very connected to the listeners; hence, the album is a good listen.


The album opens with the title track, “8 Years New Tears.” Packed with Setton’s signature sound, this track is a slow-burn story narrated through the artist’s clear and emotional vocals. As the opening act of this project, this track showcases well-written lyrics showcasing growth through the aftermath of past experiences. “TLV” comes in next like a charm. This is one of my favorite tracks in this project. This track is about falling in love with a new city and loving the idea of starting anew there. This same vibe is also reflected in the track “Move to Spain.” These tracks have perfectly captured the core strength of this album: the addicting melody, the charming and well-written lyrics, and lastly, the undeniably awesome vibe that it oozes.

Continuing the vibe is the track “Obsessed!” a song filled with a rush of infatuation and nervousness that often happens in a new love. It is playful, yet this track is deep. It explores the feeling of uncertainty about not being enough. It is a story to be told through the soft beats and calm voice of Setton. It is a good song—definitely a good listen. On the other hand, “My Heart Could Be Yours” somehow reminds me of the artist, Owl City. The vibe just delivers! The song is well-written, and the vibe is perfect! I specifically felt the line, “If you want it, my heart could be yours”—great potential in here.


“New Emotions” is a track that carries something unique. From its unique blend of indie vibes and beats to the way the lyrics were skillfully written, this track demands to be listened to. This track is all about the complexity of emotions and the process of having them along the way. The whole song carries a strong message of learning about all the emotional stuff while at the same time going through it. This song is a rollercoaster ride towards understanding yourself through experiences—a reality that a lot of people (I daresay) fail to recognize and go through in their lives.

New beginnings—this idea is something prominent and big in this album. “8 Years New Tears” features a story of love, loss, and just starting anew. Sam Setton bared his soul through his music on this album. “Pain Me 4ever,” “Colour,” “Mexico,” and “Being W You” are amongst the tracks that were also featured on this album. Personally, the core of this album lies with Setton’s ability to write and express different emotions through his tracks, from the raw feeling of confusion brought by the sudden loss of contact with someone dear to them to the fresh and powerful feeling of starting anew with life in a new city, he perfectly encapsulated all those into one collective project. This right here is potential—a listen-worthy album.

If you want something worthwhile and relatable to listen to, this album is for you. “8 Years New Tears” will break and heal you all at the same time. With this, do not forget to check out this awesome release. Stream “8 Years New Tears” by Sam Setton! Now available on your favorite streaming platforms! Stream, save, and share it with your friends! Follow Sam Setton on his social media account to get more updates on his music and future releases. This is an album that you surely wouldn’t want to miss.

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