Savoy Ellis’s Debut album, ‘The Love Album’ Review

Burbank, California-based artist Savoy Ellis‘s debut album, ‘The Love Album‘ feels like a big ride through feelings—imagine the emotions of a soap opera, but set to music! Ellis doesn’t just talk about love a little; he goes deep into how love can be sad and happy, connecting those feelings really well. It’s like the story of breaking up and then getting back together, but in songs that feel very real!

Released back in August 2021, this album tells a story from feeling really sad to feeling all fuzzy and warm inside. Ellis did a lot for this project! He made all the music, and helped write some lyrics for five songs, yet stepped back from the vocal spotlight. Each song has a different singer and tells a story from a breakup to finding new love. It’s like a musical relay race, passing the emotional baton from one voice to another! There’s even a cool animated movie that goes with the album, making the whole story even more interesting!


Ellis comes from a family with a strong music background—jazz, gospel, and soul are like their family symbols! Mom played the piano, Dad was a singer turned music boss, and even the uncles were big in jazz—it’s like being born into a VIP club for music!

Now, let’s talk about the tracks in this album. Starting with “Love’s Light,” it feels like diving into a love paradise, surrounded by sounds that make your heart happy. Then, “Over and Over Again” comes in, with Ellis and Blaze singing about love in a super exciting way. “Sunset Daydream” adds a modern touch, showing Ellis can do different styles with BRELAND. It’s like a perfect recipe where everything fits together just right, making a musical dish that’s even better than grandma’s secret recipe! “Maybe I’m Amazed” keeps the cool vibe going, with awesome guitar and beats that make you want to sip on a drink and think about life. And the last song, “Forever” with Mark Echols Jr., feels like a heartfelt goodbye that really hits your emotions.


But hey, I’m not about to reveal everything about the album. What you just got was a teaser, a tiny taste of what awaits. Believe me, there’s a whole lot more to this album than what we can cover in words. You’ve got to listen to experience the full ride!

It’s impressive that Savoy Ellis remains optimistic despite his challenges. His resilience is truly admirable. When questioned about the album’s meaning, Ellis expressed, The story I want to tell with this album is something I think everyone can relate to: heartbreak. Everyone is going to get their heart broken at some point in life. The question is how do you bounce back? Better or bitter? With ‘The Love Album,’ Ellis invites listeners to navigate the waves of heartbreak and emerge stronger, posing a universal question about resilience in the face of heartache.

The Love Album Track List

Love’s Light
Over and Over Again
Sunset Daydream
Where Are You Love?
Game Night, Game Changer
Favorite Song
Don’t Break My Heart/The One
Maybe I’m Amazed
Late Nights

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