Ashton Holloway’s ‘Reckless Degenerate’: A Modern Pop-Punk Ode to Misfits

Welcome to the era of recklessness and unfiltered anthems where Ashton Holloway‘s latest EP, “Reckless Degenerate,” emerges as a time capsule of nostalgia adorned with a modernized pop-punk charm. Drops on December 15, 2023, this EP is a sanctuary for the misunderstood misfits, a haven for the youths navigating life’s tumultuous journey.

This upcoming EP is a symphony interwoven with storytelling, blending the nostalgia of 2000s emo, pop-punk, alternative, and a sprinkle of metal. Drawing inspiration from iconic pop-punk legends like Green Day and Blink 182, Holloway infuses his creative spectrum into every track, crafting a musical landscape that pays homage to the past while embracing the present.


With each note, Holloway takes you on a ride down memory lane while infusing a contemporary melodic charm. It encapsulates the essence of young adulthood—the rebellious spirit, the pursuit of identity, and the unity found in unexpected places. Behind the riffs and melodies lies a celebration of self-discovery, an ode to Holloway’s own evolution as an artist.

Growing Up Sucks,” the EP’s curtain-raiser, navigates the intricate emotions of maturation and the daunting uncertainties that accompany it. It’s a poignant reflection on breaking away from toxicity, shedding light on the struggles of leaving behind a past that no longer serves your growth.

The next track, “Feel Complete,” hits hard with a raw guitar intro and a sonically heavier tone. Holloway’s vocals seamlessly intertwine with the punk rock rhythm, echoing sentiments of longing and seeking solace amid life’s chaos.


Then comes “Hopeless Romantic,” an emo pop-rock masterpiece that transports you back to the glory days of high school. It’s a personal favorite—a melodic journey that tugs at heartstrings while perfectly encapsulating the essence of the genre.

But hey, we’re not here to spoil the entire feast for your ears. This EP is an experience waiting to be explored. Reckless Degenerate deserves a prime spot in your pop-punk playlist—it’s a capsule of unfiltered emotion and a testament to the evolution of a genre that continues to resonate with the youth.

So, clear some space on your playlist and mark your calendar, Dec 15, 2023, this EP drops! It’s a rendezvous with the youthful energy and defiance that reverberate through Ashton Holloway’s masterful compilation.

Reckless Degenerate Track List

Growing Up Sucks
Feel Complete
Hopeless Romantic
How Can You Beat Someone Off
Where Do You Go From Here

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