Jthurston’s New Album “Self”: An Odyssey Within


In the vibrant and ever-evolving hip-hop landscape of Oakland, California, an artist by the name of Jthurston, or Jared Thurston, has been making waves. As a prominent figure within the NFK Music Collective (NewFound Kingdom), Jthurston has not only left his mark on the local scene but has also crafted a unique identity, seamlessly traversing from intricate lyricism to harmonious flows.


Rooted in the influence of the Bay area, his style elevates the genre by delivering top-notch lyricism. The Bay area’s rich cultural history in hip-hop serves as a backdrop, and Jthurston, as an artist, not only pays homage to this legacy but also evolves it with his unique voice.

The foundation for his forthcoming album, “Self,” was laid in his earlier releases. These tracks not only highlighted Jthurston’s lyrical prowess but also foreshadowed an introspective and musically rich expedition in his upcoming project.

Self isn’t just an album; it’s an exploration of the self—an intricate dive into the dichotomy of being an artist and a human being. It fearlessly navigates facets of the human experience that are often avoided, offering listeners a mirror to their own complexities. The album delves into the paradoxes that reside within us—confidence and self-consciousness, pride and shame, light and dark—all coexisting within the intricate tapestry of an individual’s psyche.

The consistent infusion of smooth, soulful, and timeless vibes in every track sets this Album apart. Jthurston’s greatest asset, undoubtedly, is his voice and melodic delivery. As each track unfolds, there’s a palpable sense of authenticity, as if we are traversing through the artist’s innermost thoughts and emotions.

Self is a testament to Jthurston’s evolution as an artist. It’s a journey that began with local recognition, especially within the NFK Music Collective, and has now matured into a project that reflects a broader artistic vision. The album, comprising 10 tracks, promises to be more than a mere collection of songs; it is a narrative, a reflection of the artist’s inner world.

The thematic depth of the album is evident in tracks like “Me, Myself & Shame,” “Solitude,” “Find,” “Fight,” and “Dig Deep.” These compositions touch upon universal human experiences—anxiety, self-consciousness, insecurity, shame, and depression. It’s a musical exploration of the human condition, and in sharing his vulnerabilities, Jthurston invites listeners to connect on a profound level.

In anticipation of the album, Jthurston shared his excitement, stating,

“I feel like it’s been long enough without something new from yours truly, and with that being said I would like to announce my next album ‘Self’! All new music that I’m super excited to share with you.”


Moreover, Jthurston’s commitment to authenticity shines through each track. The album encapsulates the essence of his personal and emotional journey, inviting listeners to resonate with their own experiences. In doing so, Self becomes not just an album but a shared narrative, a collective exploration of the intricacies of the human psyche.

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Last of Me
Me, Myself & Shame
Find (feat. Blinks)
Live My Life (feat. Starzwbarz and Ellis B.)
Lion’s Den Freestyle (feat. T Carriér)
Unhumble (feat. Mvlcolm)
Dig Deep

The announcement of Self marks not just a musical endeavor but a personal and artistic statement. Jthurston’s music encourages listeners to live authentically and stand up for what they love, even in the face of adversity. In this way, the album becomes a reflection of the artist’s journey and his commitment to embracing the power of storytelling as a vehicle for self-expression.

Jthurston, being part of the NFK Music Collective, represents a wave of artists who are not confined by the traditional boundaries of hip-hop. Instead, they push the genre into new and emotionally resonant territories. Self promises to be a testament to this evolution, a testament to Jthurston’s ability to adapt and evolve in the ever-changing landscape of the music industry.

As we anticipate the release of Self, it’s not just an album we look forward to; it’s an odyssey—an odyssey through the complexities of selfhood, delivered through the medium of evocative and soul-stirring hip-hop.

“Self” promises to be more than an album; it’s an intimate conversation with an artist unafraid to bare his soul through his craft.

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(Releases November 14, 2023)

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