A Grand Comeback: Master Wiz Killer-Album ‘World Away’

Master Wiz, a veteran in the field of underground hip hop based in Atlanta, Georgia drops a fiery album after his 11-year-long hiatus from the industry. His latest album “World Away”, which was released last February 9, 2024, is packed with his signature style in production, rapid and aggressive rap, and has been critically acclaimed for its quality.

Wiz has a cemented figure in the industry of music, specifically on the underground scene. His career started in the early 2000s as part of the duo “Distant Pham” alongside Realz Reality and their release of their debut album, “The Love”, is a major hit. After this, Wiz has had successful solo projects which earned him recognition and dedicated fans, including “The Hunger” in 2006, and a single in 2011 “Windows” which charted #1 on Amped Sounds Magazine. This only proves that Wiz is an artist that shouldn’t be taken lightly.


His unique style in production sets him apart from his adversaries. Wiz is also known for his clever use of wordplay, smooth and clear flows of his lines, and collaborations with artists like Realz Reality, Awich, and Tek (from Smiff-N-Wesson).

Now, this latest release, World Away is a solid album to come back with. It is confident and still is packed with the same but improved quality that Wiz possesses in his crafts. Guitarist Endustrie is featured heavily in the project adding live instruments to his production and flows. Diving deeply into his album, it is a concept taken from the interest of Master Wiz in sci-fi and comics. It is out of this world as it’s about aliens, planets, and stars, and figuratively since the whole listening experience of this album is just fire.

Starting strong the track “Planet Killer” is a track worthy to become the introduction of this whole album. It is intense. In a way, the song cackles with its own electricity, it is pulsating with so much energy. This song is a representation of how technical and masterful Wiz is when it comes to lyricism. He goes full force with the flow; the lines are perfect, the way the words fit perfectly on the beats and the drops are just phenomenal; and the delivery? Spitfire!


Just like in the previous track, the same intensity can be observed on other tracks in this album. Songs such as “World Away”, “Alien Eyes”, “Rhyme Tape Special”, “Vocalized Heat”, and “Ivy” provide the same kind of vibe. It mainly focuses on themes of hope, and how it buds in the midst of chaos. Healing in the middle of everything. These tracks are paradoxical in the sense that while they discuss the reality of a situation, they also focus on the message of how to go on, live, and survive all through it.

Wiz does not only play around the aggressive vibe of his works. While his raps are unstoppable, he still offers a chill vibe on this album, proving that his skill as a producer is not only limited to the cool and intense side. This chill and the laid-back vibe are observed in the tracks, “Heads Up”, “Let it Be”, “Cold Chill”, and “Cadillac Spaceship”. “Rainy Days”, the lead single of this album, is a combination of this all. It is chill, but at the same time, it has the same power as the other tracks. Again, it speaks about the reality and the situation wherein despite the odds, one must know how to keep afloat from all the things that are happening. Lastly, there’s “Flash G”. We’re going on hard with Eminem here. This is very Lose Yourself coded and this is honestly my favorite track in this album.

Overall, this album proves the quality of music that Master Wiz can deliver. The production quality is great, the musicality is top-notch and unique, and lastly, talent and skill wise? Wiz as a performer and rapper is just compelling. I daresay, this album can be compared to the release of big names such as Eminem and Kendrick Lamar.

Now, don’t sleep on this amazing album! “World Away” is now streaming on all major music platforms! Check out Master Wiz in all his socials and follow him for more awesome music!

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