Gemïny’s ‘My Dark. Twisted Valentine’ EP Review

Hear me out: Valentine’s Day isn’t just all about sunshine and roses; that’s too cliché. Let’s be real, love isn’t always as sweet as chocolates. I daresay, it’s like those roses: beautiful yet thorny. “My Dark. Twisted Valentine,” an EP released on February 14, 2024, captures that very idea. Produced by independent artist Gemïny, this EP is an exploration of the different complexities of life: loss, love, and the darker sides of one’s emotions.

Gemïny, the artist on the rise, has released this emotionally packed 6-track EP that showcases his unique ability to connect with his audience through his lyricism. In this EP, you can have a chance to observe darkness in different flavors, as each track offers a distinct musicality, making this release a packed one.


The EP opens with the track, “Alone (Sleepless),” a track beautifully wrapped in a mysterious vibe. The build-up for this song is just phenomenal. You can feel the grit, anger, and maybe some desperation in the way the artist sang his lines. The artist also used really clever voice effects. Now, a lot of people may have questioned this choice, but in this track, it was carefully placed and calculated, which added a notch to the quality of the song.

The second track, “Run Me Down,” is more on the dramatic side. It has guitars and a melody that is easy to listen to. And the vocals! They were highlighted in the way the music was produced. It was emotional, packed with so much intensity that could probably rile you up. No wonder this is the 2nd top-streamed song in this EP with more than 214,000 streams on Spotify.

The third feature in this EP is the song “Vice.” Yep, this one beat “Run Me Down” by a slim margin. It is no wonder that this track garnered almost 500,000 listens on Spotify; the song was intense. Although it mainly features acoustic guitar and slow, calm beats, the intensity of emotions that Gemïny has released through his vocals is just top-notch. Just like the other tracks, it was full of anger and grit. The lyrics explore themes of love and the dangers that it brings, specifically highlighted in the line, “Don’t know what to do in this relationship; the way you move is so dangerous.”


This next track was an honest surprise for me: “Rock (Right Now)” is a track that brought back Michael Jackson’s memories in my head. You know the grooves that “Rock With You” brought to the whole world back then? That exact memory flashed to me as I listened to this track. It has undertones that contain strings that I personally connect to the track that MJ has released. It has great production, is very dramatic, the vocals are great, and BRO, THAT FALSETTO IS SICK!

And speaking of falsetto and great high notes, this fifth track, entitled “Used 2 Be,” is packed with those. The way the song was crafted and the way the lyrics flowed on the song is just captivating. It is, yet again, intense with emotions as the way Gemïny sang this song was full of grit, especially on the lines, “I can’t let you go, girl.” This song also brought me “Greedy” by Tate McRae vibes for some unknown reason. Maybe it’s just the themes.

Finally, the EP closes strong with the track, “TKO (Cradle Song).” This time, the artist went for R&B, making it sound raw and authentic. The song has a nice flow and, just like the other tracks in the album, it showcases Gemïny’s vocal prowess and songwriting skills.

I was seriously surprised by how this EP holds differences from each track. I guess it only shows the capacity of Gemïny as an artist. His artistry and skill are something to look forward to. Overall, My Dark. Twisted Valentine is an EP with great production value. It showcases Gemïny’s character as a musician as well as his huge potential. To hear more about him, check out Gemïny and his EP “My Dark. Twisted Valentine,” now streaming on Spotify!

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