Toronto-based rapper RageMD’s Debut EP “Be Right There”

Toronto-based rapper RageMD, is gearing up to drop his 4-track debut EP, “Be Right There,” on January 12, 2024. But hold up, this isn’t your run-of-the-mill album; oh no, it’s an EP with different emotions woven with heartfelt stories from his life as a new dad and a doctor. Each track is a chapter, revealing the joys and struggles of fatherhood while juggling the professional and personal sides of life. It’s like a musical scrapbook filled with heartfelt tales from his dad duties and stethoscope adventures.

Born to Tamil-Sri Lankan parents seeking refuge in the cozy heart of Toronto, RageMD’s tunes aren’t just your usual verse-chorus-repeat. Nah, they’re a canvas filled with life’s shades—addressing heavy topics like racism and mental health. His musical journey? It all kicked off when he was knee-deep in adolescence, mixing pop, R&B, and hip-hop vibes into his own secret sauce of sound.


Since his debut with “Day Off” in 2017, RageMD’s music has echoed the challenges he’s faced as a physician and an artist. His singles and collaborations have struck a chord with audiences, showcasing his growth and evolution, especially evident in his recent release, “Let it Go.

Let’s talk a little bit about the tracks. “Vitruvian Man” kicks off this EP with its fire rap and flowing rhythm, coupled with a cool beat that twists with an R&B vibe. RageMD pours his heart out in the lyrics, painting a vivid picture of his struggles and the sheer will to overcome every obstacle. It’s as if he’s taking you on a journey through his experiences, guiding you through the highs and lows of his life. The beat, oh, the beat! It’s like a master chef’s secret sauce, blending genres effortlessly. The R&B touch adds this smoothness that’s impossible to resist, hooking you right from the start. And the rap flow? It’s fire! Each line crackles with energy, delivering a punch that resonates with anyone who’s faced their own battles.

You Don’t Know” is a heartfelt message straight from the depths of a father’s heart. This piece is a dedication, an intimate conversation set to music. It’s a heartfelt portrayal of the sacrifices a father makes and gives a summary of the unconditional love he holds for his son. The lyrics carve a touching narrative, showcasing the depths of parental devotion and the profound bond between father and child. Each verse feels like a personal letter, expressing emotions that tug at the heartstrings and resonate with anyone who cherishes family and love.


But, hey! I won’t spill the entire EP. It’s something you should explore on your own. There’s a depth beyond what I can express here. From the inspiring beats of “Vitruvian Man” to the soothing cadences of “Be Right There,” this EP stands as a testament to the passion and commitment poured into its creation—a true masterpiece awaiting your discovery.

Be Right There Track List

Vitruvian Man
You Don’t Know
Be Right There
I am

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