“i don’t believe in horoscopes”: A Stunning EP Fresh From Rising Artist elishéva

Seeing the trends right now, music from Billie Eilish, Laufey, and JVKE is charting on all major platforms. This type of music is usually more on emotional storytelling, good sounds, and carefully written lyrics that resonate with the listeners. But what if there’s a musician that has a musical style of a combination of all these goodness? Dive into the musical goodness brought by elishéva.

elishéva is an artist born in Paris but raised in Tahiti. Her background in music is strong as she honed her skills as a musician at Berklee College of Music where jazz became the center of her world. Set to be released this May 9th, 2024 is her debut EP entitled “i don’t believe in horoscopes”. It is a stunning 7-tracked EP that explores all the relatable complexities of impulsive behaviors in love, the delicate balance of the cute and anxious sides of relationships, and the healing process, the vulnerability, and the importance of safe space in between, making all these tracks close to listeners’ hearts.


Imagine the gentle warmth of a summer sun, or a warm blanket, and a nice-tasting chocolate drink on a cold winter, and the sparkles and glitters – that is how elishéva’s music felt to me. The tone and the melodies that she offers are stunning and sophisticated. One can see that the dedication and creativity that she put into her crafts are top-notch and that she is a force to be reckoned with. Her music is unique, honest, and most definitely relatable.

This 7-track EP offers a different style on each track that it features. It opens with the song “destiny (a match made out of sky), a warm and colorful track that explores the role of destiny in one’s love. “anxious attachment style” is a track driven by the nice instrumentation of ukelele that perfectly captures the idea and situation of someone or a partner who has anxious attachment style of love. Funny enough, it’s relatable how she mentioned that she saw clips of it on TikTok, which is a fact because this type of thing is normal on that platform. Another song that is worthy to be highlighted is the track “Charades”, it does highlight the miscommunication that happens in a relationship and how someone suffers from it. This track is definitely spicy so be sure to check it out along with the track, “Scary Thoughts”.


“gut feeling” is the lead track for this EP. Packed with elishéva’s exceptional lyricism and vibrant vocals, this song serves as a solid evidence of the artist’s high level of craftsmanship as a musician. Every element of this song complements perfectly with each other – from the lyrics to the production, it is perfection. This is a bold declaration and an act of retaliation – a passionate song inspired by the artist’s past breakup – some kind of a good luck slap for the ex. Spicy. Other tracks to watch out for in this release are “For Us”, and “i dont like it at all”, so be sure to check those as well.

Ultimately, the EP “i don’t believe in horoscopes” is a potential. This EP is packed with music that is remarkably heartfelt and uniquely introspective. elishéva has successfully delivered music that is full of surprise and perfectly highlights her skill and prowess as a musician. The ability to write good lyrics is one thing but being able to sing it gracefully for the listeners to enjoy while delivering the same message is a whole lot of different skill sets to master. All these with elishéva’s great singing voice will leave you aching and wanting for more!

Listen up, people! On May 9th, 2024, elishéva will release her most awaited EP entitled “i don’t believe in horoscopes”. This is something that you wouldn’t wanna miss! Check out her music and follow elishéva on all her social media platforms for updates and news about her new music and all other releases. “i don’t believe in horoscopes” by elishéva available for now for streaming on all major streaming platforms.

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