Meredith Gleason Debuts with Quality EP, “Fluorescent”

Ever listened to music that resonated so hard you had to take a step back and evaluate what you’ve just heard? This is the type of music that the rising artist Meridith Gleason offers as she debuted with a stunning EP entitled “Fluorescent”. This album with almost 13 minutes of glorious listen time is packed with emotions and musicality that is truly captivating to the listeners.

Fluorescent is a collection of tracks that is a combination and a blend of punk rock and acoustic elements. This EP opens with the song entitled, “Green Song” which introduces the audience to the great quality of vocals that Gleason has. The song tackles the reality about life according to how the artist views it but it is relatable in the sense that, it somehow speaks the truth about the whole thing which can specifically be observed in the line, “Life was never gonna be what we thought it would be”.


Continuing with the emotional and acoustic part of the EP, here comes the track entitled, “Stay A Few More Nights”. It is an emotional song that explores the situations of one being vulnerable in life. It is a cry for help to someone in between everything which can be viewed on the line, “I feel empty and alone, can you stay a few more nights?”. Another emotional track on this is the song “No Clothes On”, which I personally think shows the extent of storytelling that Gleason has done in this EP. These tracks proved that she does not shy away from showing her emotions and vulnerability through her music.

Gleason’s music is not only limited to being calming and acoustic, “Hearts Been Broken” is a great introduction to the artist’s punk rock tendencies. This track is loaded with the usual carefully written lyrics that Gleason had in this EP, but the only difference is the type of music it delivers. It is emotional but gives a different sense of intensity, unlike the other songs in this EP. Somehow, this song is full of sadness to the extent of it being anguish. Additionally, the song “Time Ain’t Forgiving” is packed with the same fire as the initially mentioned track. It is also a song that tells us a story about love. Both songs have easy-to-remember tunes and beats. These are the types of tracks that you’d want to listen to and scream to as you drive yourself home on a hectic Friday night as you release all your anger and stress from work.


Overall, Fluorescent is an EP produced and done in a high-quality setup. It showcases the talent and skill of Meredith Gleason in writing and producing the songs and her high-quality vocal prowess. It is high-quality music carefully crafted. It is easy to listen to, and easy to remember. The lyrics were carefully crafted and are very relatable leaving us listeners emotionally invested.

The only problem that I have with this EP is that it is criminally short. While it is indeed perfect as it is, the quality of this release would leave you wanting for more. You shouldn’t sleep on this great EP released by Meredith Gleason. Follow her for more updates on her music! Be sure to check out “Fluorescent”! Available on Spotify and other platforms.

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