Flawless Indeed’s latest EP, “Fake It Till (Your Brain Thinks) You Make It”

Want feel-good music with an uplifting vibe? Say no more, as Flawless Indeed, a rising indie artist, recently released EP, “Fake It Till (Your Brain Thinks) You Make It.” This five-track EP is absolutely making waves in the music scene as it offers you a fresh yet nostalgic sound that definitely guarantees a burst of energy and sunshine to your ears.

Flawless Indeed’s strengths lie in their *FLAWLESS* mix of catchy melodies and very relatable lyrics. Erik Jonasson, who is the proponent of this solo project, displays his audacious take on songwriting, choosing to give a straightforward message of positivity and don’t give a f*ck attitude to the listeners which was also delivered through his music with charming sincerity. This offers a fresh take on life offering a good and great soundtrack for you while chasing your goals and dreams.


Fake It Till (Your Brain Thinks) You Make It is an undeniable display of artistry for Flawless Indeed. One of the things that will immediately grab your attention while you listen to the album is the deep understanding of the team on rhythm and melodies. Crafting a song with a great story is one thing, but delivering it in such a fun and captivating way is a whole different story and Flawless Indeed has done a very good job on it making their music both gratifying and rich with details. The drums and guitars are dynamic, providing a solid foundation for the groove and infectious sound of the EP. The bass lines were also effortlessly locked with the drums, making the whole production so great. The layers of this music were done in such a careful manner that complements perfectly with the overall groovy and feel-good vibe of the EP.

Wrap Around Your Finger” opens up this whole EP goodness. It is FUN! It has an energetic tune that sets a playful mood for the whole track. This track is a worthy opening for the whole EP as it sets the overall expectations for the other tracks. The vocals were definitely inviting you to stay and keep listening for more.

Sky Train” comes next. My initial thought after listening to its first sting of melody is that it is DRAMATIC. It can be used as a soundtrack for cool movies set in the West. Well, it is cool as it showcases the great vocals of the artist. It is a song that gives a reflection of self-discovery specifically when someone chases their dreams. This song is very optimistic which is why there’s nostalgia while listening to this track. Very relatable and an absolute banger.

Speaking of an absolute banger, here goes the title track, “Fake It (Think You Make It),”. This is all about Confidence. This song is empowering, and the rhythm is just insane. This is the type of music that can make you let loose. This is the epitome of Flawless Indeed’s ability as a musician specifically in delivering compelling messages in a way that is genuine and catchy! This track is wild and I am loving it!!


Speaking of wild, the track “Don’t Let the Audience Down” does not shy away from that description. It is not a “bad” wild but somehow it relates to the humor that the song carries. The song is a playful take on the pressure that someone feels whenever they’re on stage – in short, stage fright. Who doesn’t get chills whenever they perform, right? This track showcases the artist’s uncanny ability to tell great stories through music. It is straightforward making it a great listening experience. It gives off a message “You should just do your thing even if you’re scared. Just do it anyway.” This is my absolute favorite.

Lastly, the whole EP closes with “Heroes of All Time”. A heartfelt tribute to the heroes who inspire us. This track is a showcase of Flawless Indeed’s versatility as an artist. It shows the vocal prowess of the singer, as it offers a sentimental type of music that is different from the rest of the tracks in this album. This song serves as a perfect finish for the EP, leaving the listeners with a renewed appreciation for people who have helped us get through our lives.

Flawless Indeed is an artist that you should definitely watch out for. “Fake It Till (Your Brain Thinks) You Make It” is a strong release from the artist and it has a great future ahead of it. It is relatable, the vibe is great, and the musicality the Flawless Indeed has showcased in this production is just top-notch making this artist a force to be reckoned with. This EP is an excellent overview of what to expect from their music, making you eager to hear and know more.

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