Liam Gonen Debuts with Promising EP “EXPIRATION DATE:”

An emerging local artist Liam Gonen is making a bold statement with his debut EP, “Expiration Date”. It is a collection of 8 songs that showcase his impressive craftsmanship and versatility as a musician which solidifies his path and position as a rising artist in the music industry. Undeniably, this EP is a potential that sets the stage for Gonen’s future career in the industry.

“Expiration Date:” is an EP that delivers something that you wouldn’t normally expect. Each of the songs in the EP has its own uniqueness that makes the whole collection unpredictable. Gonen’s craftsmanship and talent were properly showcased through the effortless blend that he has done in genre and styles. It is catchy, it is soulful, and most especially, each song was crafted with utmost authenticity from the undeniable flare of passion from the artist.


The EP opens with the track “Lost”. Your ears will be invaded with the familiar grainy sounds of the storms as an intro. This particular effect perfectly captures the melancholy and sorrow that the song would like to deliver throughout the track. It is straightforward and it talks about a man’s experience when lost in life – how he navigates through everything and how he wanders through his life. This sets the stage for what is to be expected in the next tracks for this EP.

“Take Me There” comes in next. One thing that I have noticed throughout this album is the nice instrumentation in all of its tracks and this song is one great example. It has synths and beats which accentuate the emotional singing of Gonen. This track also showcases the artist’s versatility; he can sing and produce his music and deliver clean lines of rap. His singing is pure and honest.

“Hopeless” is an acoustic track that guarantees to make your head bop. This has great beats and sounds especially in that it delivers relatable lyrics of being scared to become no one in this lifetime as the line “I’m scared that I’m going nowhere” depicts. This track is definitely catchy and will leave you wanting more.


Other tracks that are worthy to note on this EP are “Just Keep Breathing”, “Break Me”, “No Sleep” and “I Can’t Help It”. These are all promising tracks that exhibit catchy beats, unique sound quality, and the soulful singing of Liam Gonen. “Coma”, a personal favorite, is also a worthy listen in this EP. Just like in the other tracks, it was sung through the calm and collected vocals of Gonen yet the message of the track definitely screams.

Beyond all the sounds and its surface appeals, “Expiration Date:” has a deeper message that Gonen wants to deliver. It is an exploration of not just his capacity to produce good music but also the darkest depths and experiences of a man. Gonen was fearless enough to dive deep into these intriguing and controversial topics which is a great sign that this artist can make music that connects deep to the soul of each listener.

With “Expiration Date:”, Liam Gonen successfully delivered his message to the crowd – that he is here to make it big. This EP is proof of his artist’s potential and serves as an introduction to what is yet to be expected from this young new artist – he is a force to be reckoned with. This is just the beginning for the artist Liam Gonen. To stay updated with his new music, follow him on his socials for more information about his new releases. Share and stream “Expiration Date:” now available in all major streaming platforms. Don’t sleep on this new amazing talent! Have a listen!

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