Mar Keith Anthony Shares Musical Awesomeness with New EP “The Sixth Man”

He is back on the court. Los Angeles-based hip hop artist Mar Keith Anthony is back with his new EP entitled “The Sixth Man”, featuring tracks that could guarantee to make you feel like a champ! This 5-track EP is an electrifying collection as heated as the NBA playoffs bringing in high-octane energy straight into your earbuds.

Everyone is all too familiar with good plays and sick game plans; this is what “The Sixth Man” is as an EP, to be exact. Fronted by the track “Go In”, it sets off the infectious chill yet intense vibe highlighted by the catchy signature beat and flow of Mar Keith Anthony. Your ears will be invaded with hard-hitting drums and dirty beats punctuated with sharp lines and rhymes delivered successfully along like your good great courtside people.


To paint a clearer picture of how big this project is, the track Go In that goes with this EP has already reached the ears of the masses when it was leaked during a Lakers vs. Warriors game, electrifying and energizing the crowd with its infectious beats and adrenaline-inducing lines. It reached the ears of the staggering 20,000 fans inside the arena – and the energy it erupts – absolutely insane! What more to expect from this absolute banger.

“Keep it 100” on the other hand delivers authentic lyrical content. Mar Keith Anthony isn’t someone to mess with when it comes to dropping lines here and there that connect through listeners with his great wisdom and pure honesty. This track showcases the storytelling prowess of Mar Keith Anthony, making all these great vibes feel undeniably real and relatable.


While other tracks exude so much energy, the song “Put Me in the Game” offers a much laid-back vibe. This one showcases properly the versatility of Mar Keith Anthony’s music. This track is packed with hidden determination. Its lyrics serve as a call out to people who continuously chase their dreams. It is a great addition to your workout playlists eliciting fiery energy for your late-night hustles – a strong reminder to keep pushing and give it your best shot.

A dream team was assembled to create the EP “The Sixth Man”. Led by the 4x Grammy Awarded producer Jairus Mozee who also gave a solid foundation on its instrumentation, this whole production is no less than phenomenal. Mozee’s signature sound and arrangements created music that perfectly suited the style and delivery of Mar Keith Anthony in terms of rap making it a full-package powerhouse.

“The Sixth Man” is a definitely great addition to your hustle playlist. Be it played during your workout or training session or a particularly hard day at work, this EP is the right listen for you. Check out more on Mar Keith Anthony’s music and keep updated with his newest release through all his social media platforms. Check out “The Sixth Man”, now available on all major streaming platforms. Be sure to add it to your playlists – Like, Listen, and share this awesomeness with everyone.

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