DJ D Sharp & ST Spittin “Risk & Reward”: An Album Review

In the world of music where competition is cutthroat, one must have great creativity and craftsmanship to create wonders in that scene. As living proof, DJ D Sharp & ST Spittin have united to create a collaborative album, “Risk & Reward”. A fun and cool release featuring 11-track awesomeness that showcases the exceptional skills in rapping and music production of the duo, leaving an undeniable mark on the hip-hop scene.

From the opening beats and notes of the title track “Risk & Reward”, it is almost certain that the listeners are to experience a chill yet intense vibe on the track. This track showcases clean and great vocals that constitute a great listening experience. The skill and clarity in the delivery of lines made the whole song easier to understand. As the album goes on, each song presents unique and distinctive qualities and narratives which makes the whole release a variety of gloriousness in the form of music.


Seat at the Table” takes the audience through a journey in style. It is a track packed with the signature laid-back vibe of the duo. It discusses themes of success and how others would want to take a seat with you because of it. The track “Pesos” relates to that too because of its chill and melodic tones. Both the tracks are loaded with lyrics that were carefully written. Writing good lyrics is one thing, but writing a good story while taking care of the rhymes, measures, and delivery of a rap? That’s entirely another thing. Having both is a great talent that was possessed by the duo definitely.

One of the things that are noteworthy for this release is the great collaboration that DJ D Sharp & ST Spittin did. It provided added finesse and great taste in the dynamics of the album. Tracks like “God in the Room”, “Maximze”, and “It’s Alright” give the listeners a different style that these artists can offer while retaining the signature dope vibe of the main artists. This album not only offers great raps and beats from the artists but also great vocals as each featured artist contributes their unique talents to enhance the whole experience. The range and the variety of styles presented in this album ensure that each track leaves an impression on the listeners which surely keeps you engaged throughout the whole listening experience.


Production-wise, “Risk & Reward” sparkles with great quality. As you go through the songs, you will hear how everything was carefully executed. Each sound layer was given meticulous attention, and each word was written and delivered with such care. The beats were skillfully placed and crafted which translated to rich sounds that complemented the duo’s style and singing. The overall value of all these productions is great proof of the dedication of DJ D Sharp and ST Spittin to their crafts as artists.

Risk & Reward” is a confirmation that this duo has undeniably been growing and evolving as artists. It showcases their prowess as musicians as well as their ability to skillfully blend different influences to create great-sounding music that can connect with a wide range of audiences. With these, DJ D Sharp and ST Spittin not only released enjoyable and great music but also thought-provoking and interesting. The tracks “Profile Pics“, “Flashes“, “Each One, Teach One“, “Wide Awoke“, and “Whata Ya Call That???” were also released in this album so be sure to check it out.

Risk & Reward is definitely a must-listen. Follow DJ D Sharp and ST Spittin for updates on their music! Stream Risk & Reward now available through all digital retailers and streaming platforms courtesy of Table5 Music Group

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