‘Afraid To Fall Asleep’: Not Robert Barnes’ Electronic Sound Of Emotions

Not Robert Barnes has brewed up something special over the past three years, spanning three continents! Brace yourselves for this electrifying masterpiece that is “Afraid To Fall Asleep,” an album that’s more like a passport into Robert’s world from age 18 to 21—a musical memoir of sorts.

Meet Robert Barnes, the 21-year-old maestro from Toronto who’s been brewing beats since the ripe old age of 9. No, he wasn’t mixing cake batter, but he was cooking up beats! His musical influences? Picture EDEN, Blackbear, and Brakence morphing into something totally unique—a mash-up of pop, R&B, and electronica. It’s like musical fusion cuisine!


Now, onto the good stuff—the tunes! First in line is “Memories (Far Behind)” featuring Dylan Longworth. Imagine EDM meeting heartache for a poignant rendezvous. It has vocals that pluck at those heartstrings, singing about separation, longing, and heartache. It’s like a musical hug from a distance.

Then, “Dream2” featuring FNDME and Svnset, sweeps you off your feet with dreamlike melodies and thought-provoking lyrics about fresh starts. It’s akin to sailing through clouds, feeling both weightless and grounded all at once.

“Lo-Fi” featuring FNDME, TruePilot and Batya Belle, is a quirky blend of chill and beats, making you feel as comfy as loungewear at a nightclub. Unexpectedly cool, just like a surprise party for your ears, offering that perfect blend of relaxation and groove—think lazy Sunday afternoon meets spontaneous dance party.


“Rising” is that contagious earworm you just can’t shake off! It’s got catchy melodies and bass drops that’ll have you tapping your feet, even if you’re sitting still. Warning: singing in the shower is inevitable.

Abyss,” featuring Batya Belle, starts with serene piano notes and then takes a thrilling plunge into fiery beats—a cocktail of emotions, mixing melancholy with an electric twist, leaving you swimming in a sea of emotions, a harmonious blend of wistfulness and electrifying energy.

“Real” is like a daydream turned into music. It’s the kind of song that makes you feel like you’re floating on clouds while swaying in your room. Its airy melodies and Batya Belle‘s ethereal vocals invite you to drift away into a blissful reverie.

But hold on—this album is an expansive 16-track journey! What I’ve shared here is merely the surface, just the tip of the iceberg! It beckons for exploration, promising a multitude of emotions and soundscapes yet to be experienced.

Afraid To Fall Asleep will surely earn a spot in your playlist. It’s the musical equivalent of discovering a treasure trove—you simply can’t miss it! So, kick back, hit play, and let Robert Barnes transport you to a musical wonderland.

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