Just Leila’s New Album ‘Just For Me’: A Musical Tapestry Painted Exclusively

Let’s take a stroll into the world of ‘Just For Me,’ the inaugural EP by the multifaceted Just Leila, dropping on December 18th, marking not just an album release but also a birthday celebration! This EP is her personal universe—crafted, composed, and sung solely for her, free from external interference. It’s a self-contained world painted with enchanting melodies, cinematic soundscapes, and at times, haunting echoes—exclusively tailored for her very own sonic sanctuary.

Just For Me gives a captivating spectrum of sounds, showcasing Leila’s artistry across diverse genres, from afrobeats to jazz, French pop, and electronica. This mosaic of musical styles beautifully echoes her messages of liberation, authenticity, and unadulterated joy, a symphony that celebrates the free-spirited essence of being oneself.


Born and bred in Casablanca, Morocco, Just Leila was steeped in a melange of cultural influences, melding the rhythms of Arabic Moroccan, French elegance, and English proficiency into her musical fabric.

This musical sojourn has seen her traverse landscapes and cultures, from Morocco‘s vibrant sounds to the soulful jazz notes and R&B rhythms that colored her formative years. In a bold leap, she bid farewell to possessions and embarked on a nomadic journey, carrying her musical instruments and a heart filled with stories waiting to be told.

Now, let’s cue the tracks! “Bits of Pieces” sets the stage with its Hawaiian chill vibes, blending perfectly with Leila’s velvet vocals. It’s a beachy bonanza for your ears, embracing Leila’s smooth vocals and inviting listeners into her rhythmic world.

Bebe” swings in with jazz hues, a sonic blend perfect for basking in the summer vibes, transporting you to a beach-side groove. It’s like a musical beach escape—sand, sun, and smooth sounds all in one.


Don’t Be Alarmed” strikes an ethereal chord, a fascinating blend of unconventional sounds that weave together, serenading listeners with Leila’s enchanting vocals and positive energy.

And “More than DNA” serves as a cinematic opening sequence, boasting heartfelt lyrics and an anthemic chorus, compelling you to dance while soaking in the cinematic aura.

But, hold your playlists; this is merely a peek! Dive into Just For Me to unearth the depth and richness of this musical treasure trove. This album is an invitation to embark on a soulful journey, echoing Leila’s unique perspective and embracing the diverse musical world she traverses. With a soundscape that transcends boundaries, Just For Me deserves not just ears but hearts—yours included!

So, toss your playlist a musical curveball—’Just For Me’ deserves not just your ears but a front-row seat in your heart!

Just For Me Track List

Bits Of Pieces
Don’t Be Alarmed
More Than DNA
Che Pas
Desert Song
Just For Me

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