Vibes and Verses: Decoding GL Smoov’s @ the tone

GL Smoov is back in action with his latest release, the succinctly titled ‘@ the tone.’ You might be wondering, “What’s the vibe here?” Well, this two-track EP released last December 18 is diving headfirst into the tempestuous waters of unrequited text apologies, the crash and burn of promises, and that bittersweet finale of love. GL Smoov takes us through this wild journey of battling emotions, ego, and heartbreak—all in the pursuit of that elusive tranquility.

Born and bred in Lusby, MD, GL Smoov‘s been quite the wanderer across different pockets of his home state, but his journey hasn’t been just about changing locations. Nope, this guy’s all about the chase—be it in the studio, in gigs, or behind a mic and a computer screen, he’s always been a man of competition and relentless pursuit.


His musical roots? Oh, they’re anchored in those Saturday mornings jamming with the family to the soulful sounds of Charlie Wilson and Jill Scott, amongst others. From band days with a trumpet to tickling the ivories and whipping up beats, GL Smoov’s evolution has been nothing short of a musical saga. It serves as a gateway into learning to play piano, producing beats, and then finally creating his own music.

Now, let’s decode this EP. “don’t really need it” plunges us into a whirlpool of emotions – a vivid canvas of heartbreak, ego clashes, and the desperate quest for self-preservation. Imagine a frozen heart sealed and tucked away in the freezer; that’s the poetic turmoil echoing through this track. It’s a saga of wrestling with unrequited emotions, battling the yearning for someone you can’t have. It’s emotional chaos with a symphonic backdrop.


GL’s smooth vocals glide effortlessly over an awesome R&B vibe in this track. The beat is simple yet smooth, providing the perfect backdrop for lyrics that are absolutely fire and flawlessly delivered.

no more” continues the tale, painting a poignant picture of shattered promises and the bittersweet goodbye of a crumbling love story. GL Smoov, our lyrical protagonist, acknowledges his role in this romantic tragedy, portraying himself as a ‘veteran’ in letting people down. The painful realization of causing heartache and the lonely echoes of unanswered texts – it’s a melody of regret and longing.

And hey, those behind-the-scenes snaps of GL Smoov in the black hockey jersey? That’s from the ‘don’t really need it’ video shoot, so keep an eye out for that!

@ the tone might be short and sweet with just two tracks, but it’s a powerhouse of emotions. GL Smoov’s painting a vivid picture of heartache, introspection, and the highs and lows of love’s battlefield. So, brace yourselves and give this EP a spin—trust me, you won’t regret it.

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