Artistry in Adversity: Kramer’s New EP ‘Sitting Alone Suite’

Ever stumbled upon a musical treasure that feels like it was born on the brink of danger? Meet Kramer and his latest EP, “Sitting Alone Suite“—a four-track masterpiece sculpted from an intriguing mix of fear, creativity, and a dash of Grammy-winning brilliance.

Hailing from the South Suburbs of Chicago, Chris Kramer‘s musical journey began with humble origins— started from the ground up with just a sampler in the ’90s, now a maestro who wears many hats in the music world. Fast forward to today, and he’s a multi-talented artist who doesn’t just compose and produce but sings, plays instruments, and advocates for online media reform. And guess what? A Grammy sits comfortably on his shelf, an acknowledgment of his instrumental arrangement in J. Ivy’s Spoken Word Poetry Album.


Driven by inspiration to voice his thoughts on global issues, Kramer started writing and composing a series of works, set to unfold over the coming year. This endeavor showcases Kramer’s complete artistic spectrum, embracing every facet of his skillset. Throughout his growth as an artist and his involvement with Tensei, Kramer’s adeptness in the Japanese language traversed the globe, becoming a wellspring of inspiration along his path.

So, here’s the story behind the EP: It all sparked during a post-Grammys drive along the California coast. During the low tide, he walked quite far out, knowing the dangerous riptides could be deadly if not careful. He was taken by the beauty of the Earth. Suddenly, he felt like humming a melody—a piano riff—into his phone. But as he listened to the powerful waves and saw the tide rising, he realized the imminent danger and quickly headed back to shore.


On his way back, he thought about how these immense ocean waves, capable of destroying even the strongest, mirrored the anger and hatred fueled by algorithms during his country’s elections. It’s like a plea to break free from the grip of algorithm-driven rage and embrace independent thought.

The EP’s opener, “Sitting Alone In Carmel,” sets the scene—an instrumental fusion of orchestra and jazz that’s pure ear candy. And then there’s “Alignment,” a track that not only grooves but showcases Kramer’s silky vocals blending seamlessly into the melody.

But hold up! I won’t spill all the musical beans here. Trust me, these tracks are like hidden gems waiting for your ears to uncover their brilliance. The collaboration with talents like Alex Brinkman, Dane Zone, Brandon Meeks, and Benjamin Tierney? It’s like a musical dream team that polishes Kramer’s raw genius while keeping his unique artistic flair intact.

Kramer isn’t just about music; he’s a storyteller, a reform advocate, and a performer itching to light up more stages. “Sitting Alone Suite” is a journey through emotions and societal chaos—a symphony of introspection.

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