Get ready to be impressed, for DØNE, a rising artist from the USA, is about to release this fiery album entitled IMDØNE. It is a collection of 8 carefully crafted tracks that I daresay, can redefine the boundaries of hip-hop.

IMDØNE is a collection of songs that features the style and musicality of DØNE. It is a worthy introduction for him as an artist. It is packed with his signature style of clean yet aggressive rap partnered with great and skillful music production.


Starting with the track, “Remørsefully”. It is a worthy track as an introduction to this album. It has synths layered with sound effects which adds to the quality of its production. It showcases the signature rap skill of the artist wherein his grit was incredibly sustained all throughout the track. On the other hand, “Apocalypse” is a track packed with a classic and retro vibe music core. The vocals on the introduction of this track are a pleasant surprise, and it fits well with DØNE‘s fiery raps. Honestly, this track reminds me of the series “Stranger Things”, since it brings up the vibe of said show in my personal opinion.

Then there’s the track called, “Overwhelmed”. It appears to me that this track discusses the story of the artist. It is packed with the usual style of the artist, and it is worth noting that this track brims with emotions. It has a lot of elements of surprise. It is a roller coaster of experience due to the clever transition of sounds. Personally, I would daresay that this track has got me “overwhelmed”, but in a good way. Loaded with heavy beats, sounds, and the aggressive raps of Done, this track is full of anger. The way the artist is singing and performing this song is highlighted by different elements that blend perfectly into one track. Surprisingly, it also contains the beautiful and calming vocals of the artist which only meant that Done has so much to offer.

The next track is entitled, “Overpopulation”. I can’t help but notice how this track has JPOP undertones. There are a lot of things going on yet, it is a great track just like “I’m So Fucked Up,” and “Odyssey”. Though these tracks started slower than the rest of the tracks, they contain the same vigor as the other releases on this album which also ended with aggressive and spit-fire raps of the artist.


Now, this is my personal favorite among all the tracks in this album. “Ponder” contains an addicting tone and melody that can easily make your head bop. It has a lot of great elements and the bass notes are just so glorious. It is unique and chill yet, very impactful. It gives off a James Bond x Retro Classic games vibe because of its musical undertones, which is why I enjoyed it so much.

Lastly, we are ending strong with the track, “Project 8”. It is the personal favorite of the artist and I couldn’t agree more. It is an understandable sentiment since personally, I think it is a high-level production. It has an addicting melody and it is like listening to the tracks of Linkin’ Park and Eminem if I’m being honest.

Overall, this album is a great production. The lyrics were all carefully written as can be observed through the carefully measured raps delivered skillfully by the artist. It is an album that fully showcases the talent and skills of DØNE as an artist. I personally think that he has the potential to become big in the music scene. With his rap skills, the world needs to know more about him and his music. He has a variety of skills and talents to offer, in terms of production, performance, and writing.

Check out DØNE and this Album “IMDØNE” to be released this March 10th, 2024. Mark your calendars, for this album is a great one. Don’t miss out and follow this artist on his socials!

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