DMV-based Hip-hop Artist Crae Dropped New EP ‘V2’

Crae, the DMV-based hip-hop artist, has done it again with his latest EP, “V2.” This musical masterpiece catapults us into the scene of a modern-day protagonist, embracing life’s thrills with unbridled gusto. Imagine the glamor of a flashy lifestyle, the attraction of being around women, and the thrilling rush it brings. You can see the artist’s strong drive to succeed, whether it’s in relationships or just life itself. The EP gives us a peek into a lifestyle filled with confidence, not worrying too much, and enjoying the pleasures of life. But there’s also something deeper going on in V2 – it feels like it’s about change or growth.

From his debut single “Blessings” in 2017 to the chart-topping hits like “Smoke” and “Co-ed,” Crae has been steadily carving his path in the music industry. His first album, “Sayless,” showed how talented he is, paving the way for his latest work, “V2.” Crae’s signature rap-trap melodies, coupled with his straightforward yet impactful lyricism, serve as the cornerstone of his musical arsenal, keep fans hooked with every drop.


Now, let’s groove into the core of “V2” – its tracks. The title track, “V2,” kicks off the EP with Crae’s unmistakable vocal flair, painting a tale of resilience and triumph over fire trap beats. His flow is fire, and the lyrics mesh perfectly with the trap-like beats, which he produced himself. Moving on to “Signs,” we see Crae flexing his lyrical muscles, showing us why he’s a veteran in the game. Teaming up with DEUCEWORLD on this track, he demonstrates his prowess in wordplay and collaboration. The same goes for “Petrol” – Crae’s not afraid to shake things up by working with different artists, exploring new sounds, and keeping the game fresh.

Next on the list is “Glow,” which packs a punch with its strong trap beat—a perfect companion for a car joyride. With its fiery rap and smooth flow, it’s a must-have for your hip-hop playlist. On the flip side, “About Face” takes things down a notch with a slower beat compared to the rest of the tracks.


Lastly, we’ve got “Euphoria,” a personal favorite of mine. Right from the start, you feel the heat of the beat, followed by Crae’s killer rap and flow. It’s pure fire, from the professional production to the lyrical prowess. You won’t even realize it, but this track will have your head nodding along in no time!

V2 truly showcases Crae’s mastery of the mic, exuding raw talent and undeniable charisma. His lyrics drip with authenticity, honesty, and swagger, drawing listeners in like magnets. With his bold approach, Crae cements his position as a powerhouse in the hip-hop scene.

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