Endoxa Unveils an Apocalypse of Sound in Their Debut EP

We’ve got a date with the apocalypse, courtesy of Endoxa‘s debut EP, “A Collection of Songs to Listen to At the End of the World.” Circle December 30 on your calendars and get ready for an auditory Armageddon! It’s like gritty metalcore met melodic hard rock, and they decided to throw a party together.

Endoxa‘s poised to launch their first EP, and they’re not playing around. Their music is a fusion of gritty metalcore and melodic hard rock that’s set to shake your eardrums. The EP’s called “A Collection Of Songs To Listen To At The End Of The World,” and let’s be real, that title’s quite the mouthful! But hey, uniqueness is the name of the game here.


The EP kicks off with “Magnetic.” Imagine a horror movie’s eerie background morphing into an explosive instrumental blast! The vocals slide in like they own the place, and the lyrics? They’re packing some serious emotional punch.

Then comes “The Winner of F*cking Nothing.” hits you like a heavyweight champ. The intro’s heavy, the transitions slick, and those guitar riffs? They’re like your own personal invitation to headbang city. The guitar rhythm coupled with those basslines will make you want to start your own mosh pit.

After all this time Always” entrances you with an ethereal intro, gradually morphing into heavy instrumentals and potent lyrics. It’s a slower tempo that masterfully combines gritty metalcore and melodic hard rock elements.


Closing with “Knob,” this track storms in with an intro that’s simply chef’s kiss. Hard rock vibes all around, a killer melody, and guess what? A scream that’ll make your hair stand on end! It’s heavy, it’s hot, and it’s recorded to perfection.

But wait, don’t just take my word for it. You’ve gotta be your own judge. These tracks are ready to invade your playlist and demand a permanent spot. Keep an eye on Endoxa, because this EP is just the beginning. Get ready to rock out, my friends—these tunes are a wild ride waiting to happen! It’s time to give these tracks the audience they deserve—trust me, you won’t regret it!

A Collection of Songs to Listen to At the End of the World Track List

The Winner of F*cking Nothing
After all this time Always

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