“Here Comes Yesterday”: Daniel Aranda’s Timeless Sophomore Album

Hey, fellow music enthusiasts! Let’s hit play on the newest sensation straight from Daniel Aranda’s second studio album. “Here Comes Yesterday,” is finally out in the wild, ready to serenade your senses. With 10 original tracks nestled in this auditory gift box, Aranda’s serving up a nostalgic feast that’s too good to miss!

As the legendary Elvis Presley once crooned, “Without a song, the day would never end. Without a song, a man ain’t got a friend. Without a song, the road would never bend.” And boy, does Daniel Aranda embody that sentiment!


Daniel Aranda isn’t just your average musician. He’s an award-winning Australian artist deeply involved in philanthropy. His heart beats not just for melodies but also for humanitarian causes, engaging in charity events like the Hope For Katanga Kids Project #KatangaRelief2021 alongside talented Ugandan artists.

Now, let’s unravel the gems woven into his latest musical masterpiece.

“How It’s Gonna End” greets us with an alternative groove, weaving in a blend of guitar rockstar riffs and emotionally charged lyrics that traverse the terrain of heartbreak with poise.

As the beat kicks up a notch in “Mr. Hollywood,” the melodies take on an upbeat tempo. Picture trumpets adding a zesty dash to this musical cocktail, and the guitar and trumpet solos in the track’s climax? Pure auditory bliss.

“Set You Free” beckons you to the dance floor with classic piano chords, igniting a vibrant rhythm that’s impossible to resist.

“Watch Me Run” begins with a melancholic piano melody, but wait for it—the beat sneaks in stealthily, transforming the mood into an impromptu dance party.


The serenade continues with “Jess,” harmonizing acoustic guitar and piano in a melancholic yet oddly lively cadence. A lyrical juxtaposition that tugs at your heartstrings while making your feet tap along.

The titular track, “Here Comes Yesterday,” serves a nostalgic throwback, reminiscent of the timeless era of Elvis Presley. It’s like stepping into a time machine set to the soulful vibes of the past, tailored with Aranda’s unique musical essence.

And then there’s “The Last Time,” a bittersweet melody that encapsulates the agony of heartbreak, packaged with a catchy rhythm that echoes in your mind long after the track ends.

But hey, hold onto your playlists! This is merely a sneak peek into Aranda’s musical treasure trove. With enchanting trumpet solos and countless more melodies waiting in the wings, “Here Comes Yesterday” is a portal to a timeless, captivating musical expedition that defies temporal constraints.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive in and let the melodies of Daniel Aranda paint your world in hues of nostalgia and soulful serenity.

“Here Comes Yesterday” Track List

How It;s Gonna End
Mister Hollywood
Set You Free
Watch Me Run
Not Enough
The Longest Goodbye
Here Comes Yesterday
The Last Time

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