Aye, The Anchor – Charting the Course of Filipino Rock

Metro Manila’s Dynamic 5-Piece Rock Band Set to Make Waves with New Single Release

Aye, The Anchor, a spirited 5-piece rock band hailing from Metro Manila, has been making ripples in the Philippine underground music scene since its inception in April 2016. Lead by the visionary Nestor Lao, the band’s name symbolizes their mission – to be the unwavering anchor of the country’s post-hardcore/metal music movement.


With a unique blend of raw energy and melodic prowess, Aye, The Anchor is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the local music landscape. The band’s name reflects their commitment to upholding every Filipino musician’s dream – the advancement of the country’s post-hardcore and metal genres.

Aye, The Anchor’s first original release, “Mercurial Tides,” holds a special place in the band’s heart. This track serves as a gateway for listeners to grasp their sound, artistic vision, and limitless potential. Its captivating melodies and hard-hitting rhythms have made it a favorite among their peers, a gem that shines brightly in their live performances.

The band’s distinctive sound and captivating stage presence have garnered them a dedicated following in the local music circuit. As they continue to chart their course, Aye, The Anchor remains resolute in pushing boundaries and exploring uncharted musical territories.

An Ode to Makati’s Vibrant Music Scene. Steering their musical voyage from the heart of Makati, Aye, The Anchor first made waves with their debut singles – ‘Three Sheets To The Wind’ and ‘Mercurial Tides.’ These tracks serve as a testament to the band’s artistic prowess, leaving listeners eagerly anticipating their next creation.

SULYAP: The Next Chapter in Aye, The Anchor's Journey

As they steer their sonic ship further into uncharted waters, Aye, The Anchor is preparing to unleash their latest masterpiece – “SULYAP.” This upcoming single promises to be a thrilling continuation of their musical odyssey.


Mark your calendars for August 4, 2023, as “SULYAP” sets sail, officially distributed by the esteemed Warner Music Philippines. Aye, The Anchor’s unwavering commitment to their craft, combined with their partnership with a renowned label, assures fans and music enthusiasts alike that they are in for an enthralling auditory experience.

Anchoring the Future of Filipino Rock

Aye, The Anchor’s dedication to exploring new soundscapes and elevating the local music scene serves as an inspiration to aspiring musicians across the nation. Their unwavering passion for their craft, coupled with the support of their devoted fanbase, has positioned them as torchbearers for the next generation of Filipino rock artists.

As the music world awaits the arrival of “SULYAP,” it is evident that Aye, The Anchor’s journey is only just beginning. With boundless creativity, unyielding determination, and a clear vision, this talented band is destined to anchor the future of Filipino rock, leaving an indelible mark on the nation’s music landscape.

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