Gengis Don Strikes Again With His Latest Album ‘IG’s Most Wanted 2’

You ready, music mavens? Gengis Don‘s cooking up a storm with “IG’s Most Wanted 2,” dropped this December 19th, 2023. This EP’s a short but punchy collection born from those snappy Instagram reels. Clocking in at 20 minutes, it’s the sequel you didn’t know you needed—a collection of short songs that once were snazzy Instagram reels and are now about to conquer your playlist.

Our man Gengis? Gengis Don, isn’t your average artist—he’s a hip-hop prodigy who aced the curriculum at the School of Hip Hop. Beyond just spitting bars, this guy’s a drummer, a producer, a songwriter, and an engineer. His musical canvas blends the depth of hip hop with the jazz-infused strokes of improvisational music. At 28, he’s already jammed with the best in the game, touring the US and regularly rocking stages with his crew, The Empire, across NYC.


Now, let’s crack open this album. First up is “Hold You Down,” a silky romantic piece with some sexy trumpets. Jazz vibes all around; it’s like Gengis is effortlessly weaving these musical threads. It’s like jazz and love had a baby—yeah, Gengis pulls that off.

Then comes “Kill Your Ego,” hitting you with those trap beats that set your head nodding uncontrollably. The rap’s straight-up flames, and the chorus? Catchy enough to stick with you. It’s the earworm you’ll hum all day. “Games” a short, sweet bite-sized track. Gengis has a knack for these mini-jams, clocking in at just a minute and a half.


My personal jam? “Please Believe Me.” Starts off all dreamy, then boom—beats hit, and Gengis drops the lyrical truth bombs. The flow’s on point, and those lyrics? They hit differently.

But hey, I won’t spill all the beans. Dive into this album yourself; trust me, what I’ve teased here barely scratches the surface. “IG’s Most Wanted 2“? It’s a musical feast waiting for you! So, there you have it—Gengis Don’s “IG’s Most Wanted 2.” From jazzy romance to fiery rap, this short-but-sweet collection packs a punch.

IG’s Most Wanted 2 Track List

Hold You Down
Kill Your Ego
Please Believe Me
Are You Stupid?
Get Mine
Slow Down
Song To My Father

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