Melodies of Advocacy: Jessica Alalawi’s Debut EP ‘Trans Genocide’

Jessica Alalawi welcomes the new year with her debut EP, “Trans Genocide.” Released on January 01, 2024, this EP feels like stepping into a powerful narrative woven through 5 compelling tracks that echo the voice of the transgender community‘s struggles and victories.

Jessica Alalawi, a passionate advocate, and artist opens the doors to her world, inviting us to witness her journey as a trans woman and a survivor. The EP serves as a canvas painting vivid portraits of the transgender community, interlacing raw emotions with a symphony of activism. Alalawi is a beacon of support who serves as a program manager for Peer Seattle, pioneering aid and advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community. Through initiatives like “Trans is Beautiful,” she’s creating spaces where support, understanding, and resources converge for those seeking refuge and empowerment.


Let’s groove through this EP! Starting off with “Not Dead Yet,” a track that embraces a slow, sultry vibe infused with a country essence. Alalawi’s vocals glide seamlessly with the instrumentals, narrating her personal struggles against discrimination. The lyrics hit deep, echoing the sentiment of survival amid adversity with lines like “They want me dead, but what’s the intention?

Enter “F*ck You,” pulsating with a lively tempo and a new wave genre flair. This track embodies angst and unfiltered emotion, a true catharsis where Alalawi pours her heart out. It’s not just music; it’s a roar of advocacy. Then comes the titular track, “Trans Genocide,” with its deliberate pacing and haunting lyrics. It delves into the shadows, shedding light on the painful realities and discrimination faced by the trans community. It’s a poignant outcry against injustice, a rallying cry to fight for beliefs amidst a world of intolerance.


But hey, no spoilers here! This EP is a treasure trove, each track holding its own unique essence waiting to be discovered. Trust me, this musical gem is a vessel carrying a profound message, a message meant for everyone.

From the slow, sultry rhythms to the pulsating beats infused with advocacy, Trans Genocide is an experience and a bold statement—an unapologetic celebration of identity and a call for solidarity.

Trans Genocide Track List

Not Dead Yet
F*ck You
Is It Fear
Silent Plea
Trans Genocide

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