Waves of Melody: Unpacking Sam Knarf’s upcoming EP ‘Ocean’

Ahoy, music voyagers! We’re sailing into the melodious waves of Sam Knarf‘s latest EP, “Ocean,” where every lyric is like a sunbeam warming your soul. Imagine this: three songs packed with uplifting lyrics, beachy vibes, and the authenticity you’ve been craving.

So, we’ve got Sam Knarf, the maestro behind this 3-track masterpiece. This EP is his latest after the successful “That’s Life” debut in 2022. “Ocean” is a musical dip into the artist’s personal pool, splashing around with lyrics that explore nature’s beauty and life’s deepest mysteries.


But hold up! This isn’t your regular studio story. Sam Knarf took a 180-day global adventure—Costa Rica, Panama, Hawaii—armed with kitesurf gear and guitars. Picture concerts on sandy shores and under starlit skies, seasoning his sound with tales that only world exploration could muster.

Now, let’s ride the waves of this EP. “Ocean of Clouds,” the opening number, is like sunshine in your ears. It’s the kind of tune that screams adventure, freedom, and the wind in your hair on a coastal road trip. Picture that perfect scene from a movie soundtrack, all bundled up in one catchy melody!

Be Still” is your beach chair tune, lulling you with harmonious waves. It’s a tranquil melody urging us to embrace life’s quiet moments. It’s the musical equivalent of a chill beach day, nudging you to find peace in the stillness of life. And those bridge lyrics? They’re the kind that’ll sneakily rearrange your entire perspective—beware!


Lastly, “Sailor Song” sets sail with tranquil guitar strums and Knarf’s soothing voice leading the way. The shaker and harmonica? A little seasoning that turns this into a musical voyage, lifting your spirits with its uplifting verses.

Sam’s knack for blending heartfelt lyrics with coastal vibes and authentic sounds creates an auditory escape—a getaway to a place where waves meet melodies and emotions are woven into every chord, that’s Sam Knarf’s Ocean.

Ocean Track List

Ocean of Clouds
Be Still
Sailor Song

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