NORDIC GEMMA’s ‘Ruined Beauty’: Musical Memoirs That Hit Different!

Hey, fellow music wanderers! Today, let’s unpack the treasure chest that is NORDIC GEMMA‘s new album, “Ruined Beauty.” Picture this: Alice Deville, the rising artist who decided to ditch the classical norms and embrace the indie world, offering us a symphony of emotions.

So, NORDIC GEMMA decided to spill her heart out in musical notes – the result? A delightful potpourri ranging from dreamy ballads to foot-tapping anthems. She’s the modern-day lyricist, spinning stories that echo with raw emotions and melodies that cling to your soul.


In her words, this album serves as an autobiographical journey through the various chapters of her life, exploring both the luminous and shadowy facets within. The album encompasses an array of tracks, ranging from heartfelt romantic melodies to cinematic ambient pieces and deeply introspective melancholic ballads.

Starting off with “Crawling” – imagine your feelings in a song, right? Ethereal vocals, enchanting tunes, and lyrics that feel like a warm hug for your emotions. It’s that song you play when you’re lost in your thoughts and need a melodic compass to guide you back.

And then there’s “September.” With the lines, “If I try, would you be by my side? If I try, would you stay here?” it’s like a poetic plea, a desire for assurance in the present moment of love. It’s that burst of warmth you get when reminiscing about a cherished September, where every kiss felt like it could hold the universe in a moment. 

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The track’s essence seems to encapsulate the sentiment of seizing the moment, cherishing love, and seeking reassurance for a love that feels like a sunbeam on a cloudy day.

But hold onto your hats, because what I’ve shared so far is just a sneak peek! I won’t ruin the surprise – you gotta plug in and vibe to this album yourself. Ruined Beauty includes some of NORDIC GEMMA’s single releases and each track has a page telling a different tale.

So, my fellow music aficionados, put on your headphones, find your comfy spot, and let NORDIC GEMMA‘s “Ruined Beauty” take you on a joyride through life’s emotional maze. Because hey, who said soul-searching couldn’t have a banging soundtrack?

Ruined Beauty Track List

Love Me The Same
Candy Machine
Nocturnal Embrace
Ruined Beauty – Outro

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