Desolate Drops Epic Album “BED ROTTING”

Do you crave music that speaks directly to the darkest depths of your soul? Yes? I got you! Desolate, a Pittsburgh-based artist, drops his latest album entitled “BED ROTTING.” This album is not for the faint-hearted; this album is raw and unflinching. This is unmistakably good music that talks about issues that a lot of people still frown upon in society, such as suicide, isolation, depression, and substance abuse. This album is a lot and more.

Anger—this is personally the vibe that this album gives off. Across the 10 tracks that his project offers, it underscores the complexities of human emotions, most especially the mental anguish that one experiences. Interestingly, this album is a unique blend of genres, putting trap and rock music into one good sound with the raw grit brought by the rock music and the laid-back beats. It is refreshing to hear, yet the message that it delivers is surely fire.


To dig further into this unapologetic exploration, the album opens with the track “Disappear.” It. Is. A. BOP! It is a carefully crafted track that is loaded with angst and anguish, as punctuated by the vocals in the song. This song is gritty and well-written. The rhyme and the measure for each lyric work well with every beat in the track, making this song sound so good while at the same time bearing a heavy carry because of the message that it delivers about isolation. What a way to open this whole album! This same vibe is also featured in the track “IHEAY.” It is also packed with low bass and trap beats that highlight the good vocals of the artist.

Now, you see, I personally think the tracks in this album are weirdly therapeutic. While these tracks carry a very heavy message that resonates into the deepest depths of your soul, they also provide solace. While indeed you will feel the anger and despair on these tracks, somehow it also feels like through these tracks you were seen. You were heard. Life can make all of us angry; there is no denying that. Our inner demons are angry, and I daresay the tracks in this project appeased mine. The tracks “Nicotine,” “Time of Day,” “Pareidolia,” and “Mistake” are a bunch of my personal favorites. It is common for these tracks to have slow, laid-back beats that would make you feel like you’re in a trance (but trust me, it’s in a good way). These tracks may sound familiar yet fresh, but they are very suave, and the delivery of lines is just good. The way these tracks were performed is very dramatic to me; it is packed with emotions. It touches your deepest and darkest parts. This is good.


As the album progresses, the tracks also evolve”, the songs “Re UP” and “SICK” feature intensity like no other. Both tracks are packed with emotions but still offer a different style from each other, and the common denominator for these tracks? It’s all a great listen. This album also featured tracks “Die Tonight” and “The End,” ultimately concluding the whole project. With these, Desolate together with his friend Bengogh delivered a powerful album—lyric-wise, sound-wise, and vibe-wise—top-notch.

Bed Rotting is a great listen. This project is an experience—an emotional and musical journey as you progress in listening to it. There is no denying that the lyrics that it possess are morbid, but that doesn’t change the fact that this music sounds good! Don’t sleep on this album; this is a must-listen. Check out Bed Rotting, now available on your favorite streaming platform. Don’t forget to check out Desolate and his other works! Follow him on his social media accounts to get more updates about his music and their future releases!

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