“Love is Never Lost”: A Heartfelt Message from Jonathan Leach

Music heals, and that’s a fact. It speaks through your soul, it can serve as your outlet, and “Love is Never Lost”, an EP released by Jonathan Leach – is a perfect example for that. Released on 7th of May this year, it is the type of music that connects with the audience – it is deep, it is heartfelt, it is pure goodness.

Love is Never Lost is an EP that is breathtakingly honest. It explores grief, loss, love, regrets, acceptance of one’s emotions as well as the slow journey towards healing. This project was born out of the unspoken words of the artist as he goes through the sudden passing of his mother. This project served as his outlet to process the situation which became a very beautiful space that embraces love, grief, acceptance, and everything in between.


The EP opens with the track “Sorry. I tried.”. This song is a plea, a heart-wrenching one. The lyrics are heavy with messages which speak about the sincerity of this artist. His powerful vocals are raw with emotions – the regret, the love, the honesty are all there. This is a song directed to his parents, a message for them and for the things that he should have said. This track is beautiful and full of love.

Next track is entitled “The Innocence of a Flower”. This track perfectly captures a person’s desperate cry for simplicity. This song romanticizes the simplicity of life as depicted in the lines “I wish I was just a flower whose only job is to survive.”, “Don’t need to think about tomorrow.” and “I know in spring I will be reborn”. This track perfectly captures the sense of hope amidst despair. It speaks the truth through the point of view of a human wanting to have a simple life and recognizing that just like a flower, one can bloom again after one cold winter.


The track “Breathe. Be” is a personal favorite. It explores the realities of being alone inside your head. Every line in this track is just great. It is packed with meaning. Take your pain and set it free. Just be. Only now is it guaranteed. Pain is part of everyone’s story. This song speaks to you on a personal level. It has a strong message to be present in the now and don’t overthink the future. Along with the track “Hold You“, these songs offer a comforting embrace; these tracks demand you to feel.

Love is Never Lost” is an absolute masterpiece. This is a MUST LISTEN! This EP is deeply connecting and the sincerity that Leach offered in this project cuts straight to the heart. Each of these tracks felt like a shoulder to lean on, it is a friend in solitude. As a listener, I can confidently say that this EP deserves a spot on your playlists!

Moreover, if you crave for something sincere and honest, this EP is for you. Be sure to check out Love is Never Lost, now streaming on all your favorite platforms. Follow Jonathan Leach on his social media accounts to get more updates about his upcoming releases of new music. Again, check out “Love is Never Lost” – this may just be the music and the solace that you heart craves and needs.

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