Get Tangled with Olivia Penalva’s Debut Album “Spiderweb”: A Relatable Bop Perfection

Summer is still HOT and the rising star Olivia Penalva debuts a strong debut album that can definitely spice up your playlists to provide you with your fresh ultimate summer soundtrack! Released on 11th of May this year, “Spiderwebs” is steadily making its way to the top! Olivia, who currently have a staggering 132,000 listeners on Spotify has successfully delivered a project that is packed with energy and heartfelt stories as told through relatable lyrics that would surely hit you right in the feels!

Spiderwebs is a 11-track collection that is definitely worth all the hypes. From the first notes of this song which is also the title track, it is a guaranteed hook! This is where your expectations are being leveled on what to expect on this project, and boy, this does not disappoint. Olivia has successfully delivered a compelling message through her rich voice and great lyrical prowess. The line “loving you and losing me” in one lyric of a song hits hard! This track deeply connects most especially that this song depicts being messily entangled with emotions that does not usually end well in every story. The production is just total goodness, making this song very memorable.


Next track is entitled “Paper Rose”, a track that hits close to home runs. This is a very relatable track that expresses a story of love – about how hard it is especially if you keep it hidden. This track is about secret love and Olivia has successfully encapsulated the feeling of resignation through it – of being content of love that is kept hidden to be protected at the same time the angst of not being able to reveal it outside due to the risk of ruining it. This track is powerful – it speaks about love that is quiet and secret, yet strong and unyielding.

The next songs on this project features fresh sounds, starting with the track “Good at This”, this track is quite a revelation. This track features the signature rich vocals of Olivia singing about getting used to loving someone from afar and getting good and successful in doing it. This track is giving a hopeless romantic vibe but in a new spice! The same vibe is also featured in the tracks “I Keep Thinking” and “Feel Like Falling” which would definitely be an upgrade to your playlists!


Tell Me Who You Want Me to Be” is a track that is very relatable. This track is about the experience of someone being changed by their situations in life or relationships. This track yet again captures the certain resignation to the situation just to please somebody or everyone in the situation. The line “always trying to change me and I don’t know why” hits really close as a lot of people can definitely relate to this track.

Ultimately, “Spiderweb” is an emotional rollercoaster of an album. It leaves you wanting to hear more about Olivia’s story as told through the tracks because her story somehow felt like it reflected yours –this is the kind of vibe that you will get as you go along listening to this album. The level of storytelling through songs done by this artist in this album is definitely topnotch. Tracks “Feel Like Falling“, “Don’t Love Me“, “Why?”, “Violet” and “Home” are also featured in this album. Each song tells us a different story, each track hits a different feel making each of these tracks a unique listen!

Ultimately, Olivia’s prowess as a singer as well as her ability to write songs shines through in this album. I daresay this album has cemented her label as a rising star in the industry. She showcased her wide range of singing different genres with such finesse and her lyrics were all well-written. This album is an absolute banger! So don’t miss out on this album! Check out Spiderwebs, now streaming on all your favorite platforms. Follow Olivia Penalva on her social media accounts to get updated on her latest releases! Stream Spiderwebs – sing along and dance through it. Trust me, you don’t wanna miss this!

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