The Ram Drops EP “Everything”: An Inspiring and Chill Introduction

Music is an artistic expression. There is no denying that when you make music, you put a part of your soul into your piece—to express yourself to everyone who wants to listen. Making music is one thing, but making compelling crafts is a whole different story. But that is not a problem for the artist, Mark O’Donnell. This Southern Californian rock performer is a master of his own crafts (yes, plural!). Also famously known as The Ram, this accomplished artist is not just a singer and composer but also a great visual artist. Mark has consistently pushed his boundaries to defy all the categorizations being put him into. Why master only one craft when you can master it all? With his creativity, he has produced a number of lauded songs, and this June, he is back with his awesome sound and has released the track “Everything” as a teaser from his eagerly anticipated album.

Released on June 14th, “Everything” is a track borne out of an old demo produced way back before the pandemic. Originally, it was a part of a project titled “Spirit Animal Tattoo” that was shelved with the keyboard parts originally done by Mike Pritchard, a close friend of The Ram. These rediscovered elements that were initially forgotten have ignited a creative spark in the artist’s perspective. “The lyrics wrote themselves,” shared by The Ram, and it only shows how good and organic the creative flow and nature of this song as it was crafted.


This EP is composed of 3 tracks: Everything, Everything (Extended), and Everything (Instrumental). After the first listen, these tracks ooze chill and laid-back energy. The Ram’s voice is very crisp and clean. Despite the track being slow rock, it sounds fine. I daresay, I can compare this track to some good, high-quality whiskey—it is balanced and has a smooth texture. Unlike other types of music that leave a harsh finish after a listen, this one is different. It is good and has a pleasant aftertaste, again, just like a fine whiskey.


“Everything” is basically about everything. It celebrates the beauty of the things that happen around us. Personally, this song sounds like a gift. It gives us another perspective; it is in the eyes of the one who appreciates everything that comes their way. The lyrics are like a warm embrace of the sun in the vast blue ocean. It is a simple yet powerful message that ordinary moments in our lives can be meaningful, and it has the ability to give us genuine joy.

This is what happens if the artist is sure about his music; the music will sound great and authentic. “Everything” by The Ram is all that: authentic, chill, and of great quality. This is a great introduction to The Ram’s upcoming album. It properly sets the stage for what kind of potential we should expect next from his upcoming release. The Ram is set to make a huge craze on the music scene, so watch out for this artist! “Everything” by the Ram is now available on all of your favorite streaming platforms. So, check it out, put it on your playlist, and share this good music with the world. Be sure to check out and follow his social media and website to discover more about The Ram and his music. Keep track of the latest news about Ram and watch out for his awesome upcoming album!

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