Feel and Be Felt: Hayden Everett Soars with new EP “I Miss the Sky”

Every song has a different vibe. A song can make you cry, another song can make you feel angry, and others – you feel everything. But the point is music makes you feel, which is the major point delivered on Hayden Everett’s new EP entitled “I Miss the Sky”. This six-track collection is packed with feels enough to make you feel warm on one cold day. It is a blanket of comfort – a warm and nice company.

“I Miss the Sky” felt very personal. Everett, armed only with his guitar and great talent, managed to perfectly encapsulate the emotions of nostalgia, sadness, hope, and yearning making this EP a relatable experience for listeners. With his great vocal skill, the singing felt like friendly whispers to one’s soul – people just need to listen to this for the experience.


The EP opens with the track “See You Soon”. It is a track that will bring back memories of your past messy relationship that you *tried* so hard to fix. The lines “Can I see you soon? Can I break my stupid rules?” would depict a push-and-pull situation in a relationship. This track is packed with suppressed emotions. It is the type of song that you would want to listen to on a long drive somewhere. In short, it is a great start for a listen.

“Coma” on the other hand is a song that felt sad – somber, I daresay. It tackles a heavy yet somehow familiar feeling of hardship that someone felt after going through a loss of connection with someone close to your heart. This track perfectly captures the pain and regret for missing all the “could have been/s” in their relationship. This can also be observed in the track “7th Street” which is a recording of somber piano – It is sad yet hopeful. It gives off a vibe of someone reminiscing his moments with an important person in their life.

“Seize the Sun” follows next. This track is hopeful yet it has a tinge of sadness hidden in the lines of the song. Regardless, this track delivers a clear message to take a break and breathe. Things will be better. “Jet Plane” is a cover for the John Denver classic song “Leaving on a Jet Plane”. Of all the covers done for this track that I have listened to, this is by far my favorite. Everett’s voice has given a new life to one of my favorite songs. It is a lovely cover that paints a different vibrant color to the song.


Lastly, the EP closes with the track “For Winter”. It is honestly a great track. In my opinion, this track sums up the whole vibe of the whole EP. It’s calming and reassuring. It is like a warm blanket on a cold winter day. This track captured the painful idea of a person’s “ifs” to their special someone. The line “I promise we’re okay” feels like someone is making themselves believe that everything is okay. That by uttering those lines, it will come true.

Overall, this EP is a great listen. “I Miss the Sky” is straightforward – it doesn’t sugarcoat the situation that it is depicting, making it relatable to the listeners. This only proves how effective Hayden Everett is in delivering a message through his music. His music is felt and is definitely fully understood. It speaks the reality of life yet it gives you hope that though it’s hard you can move on and live through it – a great message given all the situations that people go through right now.

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