Evolsi Drops a Relatable EP Entitled “Growing Down”

Growing up is hard. It is harsh, it is scary, and most of all, it is confusing. Most of us, when we were younger, we were excited to become adults. We want to take over our lives, we want to become more independent, and we want to do a lot of things. We fool around, we make mistakes, we gain friends, and we lose some. We are sad, and we are angry. Growing up isn’t easy. All these emotions and confusion are beautifully packed and wrapped in the recently released EP “Growing Down” by the young and promising artist Evolsi. “Growing Down” is a fearless focus on the complexities and anxieties that go along with adult-ing. The six featured tracks on this EP are packed with honest lyrics and an enjoyable sound that delivers a great message for the audience.

“Nobody Knows” opens the whole stage for this EP. You will be welcomed by the rich tone of Evolsi’s voice. Listening to her is easy; her voice is nice—a voice that’s great for telling a story. I love this song. This is a personal and straightforward comment on this track. This is just my jam. It started with a calm and quiet acoustic sound and had to build up into good alternative pop rock music. Not only that, I loved the sound, but the lyrics are well-written. This track focuses on the struggles and possible traumas that one experiences during their childhood and how they somehow affect them as they grow up. It also presents this warm message of resilience: that with someone you wholeheartedly love and trust, facing challenges is easier when you’re together.


“Help! ”is also a bop. This track carries a heavy message. This presents a story that focuses on self-isolation. Amidst our desire to become alone, the honest message is actually us asking for help. The lines are just beautifully written, as they perfectly encapsulate the avoidant tendencies of people when faced with problems and challenges. It speaks about realities like the tendency for us to push people away who are trying to help us because we don’t want to become a burden. This song is just fire. The added voice effects on this track add to the drama of the track; it sounded broken, which is what a person usually feels whenever they ask for help.

On the other hand, “Holding My Breath” is a track that explores the confusion and pain that are brought about by a toxic relationship. I personally think that “Holding My Breath” is a great symbol of the narrator’s emotions and hope that were held back because of confusion and pain. This track perfectly captured the whole idea of the suffocating feeling of holding on to something that is unsure, hoping that something along the way might change.

One thing that I absolutely love about this EP is its build-up. Whether it’s how the story was written through its lyrics or where the sound was placed to intensify each emotion throughout the song, it’s just so good. “Losing Game,” which speaks about fighting off trauma and personal struggles, is a song that delivers a powerful message of defiance and determination to survive and move forward. This track opens with all the cuts and vulnerabilities and closes with a hopeful and defiant tone that acknowledges that in the process of healing, pain must be felt and overcome in order to survive.


“I Hope You Know” is a personal favorite. It is a slow song—an emotional one. This is honestly my top favorite in this EP because I resonate with it on a personal level. This track speaks my truth. I specifically loved the line, “I’m always here for you. I’m never letting go.” You know, as someone who isn’t always that open to saying cheesy things to my people, this song speaks about the things I want to say to my people. (Goodness, this is making me emotional!!) This song is all about empathy, compassion, and encouragement. This song is a comfort song; it is hope; it is love.

“Growing Down” is the track that concludes this whole EP.. This song is a favorite too! Not only that, it is relatable, but this track speaks the truth. At times, we might feel like we are not doing good enough or maybe we’re getting worse, and this track perfectly captured that anxiety brought by that exact thought. It really is a way to end this whole project with a loud bang!

Verdict? A MUST LISTEN. I’ve added this EP to my fave tracks on Spotify, so I HIGHLY encourage you to follow my step. This music is my music, and I definitely guarantee that this is your jam too. The tracks in this EP are very relatable, and they are close to our hearts. These words are all too familiar. These emotions too. You know how sometimes words fail and music speaks for us? On rare occasions, we find music that speaks for our truths—the music that speaks the words we fail to say, the music that properly conveys all our messages to the world—that is “Growing Down” by Evolsi for you. So, please. DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS! “Growing Down” is now streaming on all your favorite platforms, so check it out. Follow Evolsi on her social media accounts to learn more about her music and keep track of her future projects and releases!

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