Love Lost, Beats Found: An Inside Look at Mrshll Wyne’s ‘The Way We Treat Love’

When it comes to turning personal strife into musical mastery, R&B artist Mrshll Wyne delivers an emotive knockout with his 10-track debut album, “The Way We Treat Love.” This album is his canvas, painting a vivid picture of a tumultuous journey through a toxic marriage, divorce, and the grieving process that ensued.

Hailing from Cincinnati, OH, Mrshll Wyne unveils his raw and unfiltered experience from 2020-2022, where he battled a myriad of emotional challenges within a toxic marriage. His candid revelations about feeling used, gaslit, and battling bouts of depression while enduring infidelity and communication breakdowns are etched into every melody and lyric of this album. His album is a bit like an open diary—except instead of reading, you’re grooving your way through his emotional rollercoaster.


The album title itself, The Way We Treat Love, is a moving reminder of the distorted lens through which people often view love. A phrase derived from a conversation, an introspective exploration highlighting the misconceptions and mishandling of love within relationships. Ever heard that love is a battlefield? Well, strap in, ’cause Mrshll’s about to show you a front-row view.

This title even came from a conversation he had with a fellow music colleague and friend in which he stated “Because of the way we treat love people think that love is the problem” to which he pointed out that the album should be called that.

The album kicks off with an intriguing intro titled “Donde Tu Vas,” a skit that captures a conversation, likely between Mrshll and his ex, asking a resonant question: “Where Are You Going?”

Next up, “Dying Tonight.” Picture this: ‘A track kicks off with a car’s purr and the blink of a turn signal, sneaking into the beat like a sly metronome. Then, bam! The track plunges into a melodic drop, served with some top-notch vocals that make you feel like you’re lounging in a pro-studio booth. Not just that, the lyrics hit close to home, and the hook? It’s that addictive. It’s like catching lightning in a bottle – quite commendable, I must say.


Empires Fall” stands as Mrshll’s most trending song, a poignant reflection on the emotional rollercoaster of a breakup. A poignant nod to misplaced intentions within a relationship that started with ambitious dreams and ended in disappointment.

He wrote the song to illustrate the feelings and thoughts during the process of a break up such as events including looking at old rooms, recalling memories whether happy or disappointing, as well as making new realizations from said memories. The song titled “Empires Fall” is a specific call back to his ex-wife in the beginning of our relationship sharing a meme with him saying “Be a Boss, Date a Boss, Build an Empire” which he took as her serious intentions and this ended up not being the case.

In the spotlight is “Advantage,” which features one of the best and most-known female Rappers, 3D Na’Tee! Also, the song is a call to accountability with verses explaining how being taken advantage of feels as well as pointing to the areas in which this is taking place with the exception of 3D Na’Tee’s verse, he wrote everything, but he purposely asked 3D Na’Tee to write her verse from the other spouses perspective highlighting how she feels wronged as well. This allows for the woman’s point of view to be displayed and validated which points back to the Album Title “The Way We Treat Love“.

This album is a lyrical and bold journey through the highs and lows of love and loss. It’s a tale of vulnerability, growth, and the complexity of human emotions.

But wait, I’m just giving you the trailer; the whole album is a blockbuster. It’s a story of hurt, healing, and moving on, all wrapped up in rhythm and rhyme. It’s like therapy, but set to beats you’ll be nodding your head to.  To truly absorb the depth and resonance of Mrshll Wyne‘s musical narrative, you’ve got to take the plunge and immerse yourself in the album firsthand. Trust me, it’s a musical experience worth every beat and lyric.

So, when you’re curating your playlist, make room for The Way We Treat Love. This album deserves a spot, not just in your music library but in your heart. Give it a spin and let Mrshll Wyne’s story serenade your soul.

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