ANASTÁZIE Drops Debut EP “Fleeting Visit” Ft. The Musa

Guess what just hit the airwaves? ANASTÁZIE, the London-based artist, teamed up with the phenomenal The Musa for her debut EP, “Fleeting Visit,” – a four-track journey through afro-beats, bile funk, pop, dancehall, RnB, and Armenian music. It’s like they threw a genre party, and every song is a VIP guest with its upbeat melodies, catchy flows, and surprise switch-ups. It’s the kind of party where you groove unpredictably, and the music keeps surprising you with every beat.

ANASTÁZIE, the musical wizard from the diverse streets of London, is half Czech, half Armenian, and a whole 100% ready to make your musical senses do a happy dance. Her multicultural roots are the secret sauce to a sound that’s not just fresh and captivating but globally magnetic


Now, onto the tracks! “Hajime” kicks things off with a Zamba/Hawaiian vibe. It’s like a dance party that would even make your grandma trade her knitting needles for some smooth moves. The Musa’s magic touch transforms it from just danceable to an invitation for a dance-off that you simply can’t turn down.

Let’s talk about “Temptation.” It’s got this cool trumpet vibe and an upbeat melody that syncs perfectly with ANASTÁZIE’s soothing voice. It’s like a musical elixir for your soul – unique, refreshing, and just what the doctor ordered. And speaking of surprises, “Jungle” hits with an unexpected mid-week party. It takes things up a notch with its trap vibes, the kind that makes DJs hit the play button in clubs.

Closing the curtain with a bang is “Wildness.” Picture a bizarre intro that quickly transforms into a groovy, danceable sound. It’s got rap sections with sick flows and a melody that sticks like glue. ANASTÁZIE flaunts her vocal acrobatics, making this track a grand finale worth remembering.


But here’s the deal: this is just a sneak peek. ANASTÁZIE and The Musa’s collaborative masterpiece, “Fleeting Visit,” is a musical masterpiece that transcends genres and borders. It’s a musical dance party you’ll want to take from start to finish. Every track in this EP is worthy of a prime spot on your party/dance playlist.

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